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Review: The Ferdinando Bull

A work doesn't always have to be very complex to get a beautiful message across. This is the case of The Ferdinand Bull, a book originally published in 1936 that, despite being very childish, leaves a great teaching on kindness. Adapted from this book, the new animation of Fox maintains these characteristics. Simple and touching, the design highlights the absurdity of bullfighting in a light and funny environment.

Ferdinando it is a different bull. Since he was a child, he likes flowers and nature and has no interest in being a champion, like all other bulls. When his father dies, he finds himself lost and runs away, ending up on the farm of a sweet little girl, where he grows up happy. However, due to enormous confusion, Ferdinando ends up being chosen to participate in the most important and dangerous bullfight.

Crítica: O Touro Ferdinando 1
The Ferdinando Bull | Image: Fox Films

Carlos Saldanha he commands the film very well, which has a beautiful look and manages to maintain the childlike essence of the original work, but without losing the criticism against bullfighting. The script makes clear the malice of the practice and the cruel fate that the animals suffer in it, without leaving the plot heavy. For this, in addition to the famous subtle moments that only let us understand the cruel intentions, several extremely innocent comic moments are used, giving an interesting contrast to the animation.

Obviously, the animation has several additions in relation to the short book, usually comical scenes. It is to be expected that the script tries to be more complete, but some of these moments end up being very forced and delivering funny parts that work, but only for really child audiences. It is quite possible for a child of a larger age group to get bored in some of these scenes, and certainly some adults, but it is not really something that really disturbs the experience.

Crítica: O Touro Ferdinando 2The pacifist message is the highlight of this work, and it works very well. With a great moral lesson, a beautiful look and a very cute protagonist, The Ferdinand Bull it may have some problems, but it is a remarkable and exciting production.

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Thunder Wave note
Even though it has some problems, the film is remarkable and exciting, sending a beautiful message.


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