Thursday, 28, January, 2021
Start Games News Trailer shows news on Gwent gameplay from The Witcher!

Trailer shows news on Gwent gameplay from The Witcher!

Available in early access for everyone who wants to try it out, the Selection mode brings a new approach to building decks and gameplay for GWENT. Players will choose from three sets of three cards to build their decks - which should also contain a separately selected leader skill, main legendary card and Strategy - resulting in a more dynamic deck-building experience. Each set of cards offers a variety of powerful synergies to take advantage of the battle against other players in Selection Mode, making it easy to create strong decks quickly with cards from the entire GWENT library. The game ends when a player wins seven games or decides to build a different deck.

The PROJEKT RED CD also revealed a new season of the Journey - the GWENT progression system - that starts today. Rewarding players as they level up by winning matches in standard, season and selection modes, the third season of the Journey features over 100 levels with unique ornaments, among other rewards, and themed on Alzur - a renegade sorcerer who believes become the creator of wizards. New chapters in the history of Alzur and a selection of related missions will be published weekly over the three-month duration of the Day.

As always, the Journey is free for all players. An optional Premium Pass is also available, which gives you instant access to Alzur's legendary and customizable leader look and more ornaments to unlock. Details about the Premium Pass are available at Day website.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is available for free on PC at GOG.COM and on Steam, as well as for Android and iOS. For more information, visit


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