Wednesday, 14, April, 2021

Mental Disorders: The longest Pandemic we've ever had

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the word pandemic started to be part of our routine vocabulary. However, there is a longer pandemic than this, which has been worrying me for a long time: the enormous growth of mental disorders.

While the world is full of news about the evolution of COVID, I follow the outbursts and advances of people who attempt or threaten suicide, ask for help, advice and help to try to live a peaceful life, free from the thoughts, panics and discouragements that slaughter daily. The worst part of this is that the current pandemic has only aggravated this case, worsening those who already suffered from it and giving new disorders to those who cannot adapt to almost a year of confinement.

Of course, we must be concerned with the advance and the necessary precautions against COVID, but we are leaving the mind aside, and that part cannot be overlooked. The increase in people attempting suicide is alarming, and I see that growth on a daily basis. Amazingly, contrary to what many are believing, the current cases that I followed have no connection with the complicated situation we are experiencing, but with the triggers that have existed for a long time, long before thinking about having a outbreak of a virus.

Most problems are related to coexistence, abusive family members, accumulation of feelings that become unbearable and, mainly, the need to be heard and understood. That is why I am writing this text, I think it is important to remind those who may have forgotten to check on their loved one, to listen to what is suffocating them, to understand what is going on, at a level that goes beyond problems resulting from the current pandemic.

So, listen. But not just with the ear, listen with the heart, with empathy and support those who are experiencing difficulties resulting from their disorders. For those who observe from the outside, it may seem like little to go through a crisis, but for those who are feeling it, it is the end of the world.

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Transtornos Mentais : A Pandemia mais longa que já tivemos 1
Dany Stocchi
Roteirista, jornalista e amante da escrita, sou apaixonada por muitas coisas. Saúde Mental, Alimentação, Sustentabilidade e assuntos relacionados sempre estão entre as minhas conversas. Por outro lado, o terror e tudo que remete a ele me fascina. Venha viver essa ambiguidade de gostos comigo vendo tudo que rola nessa cabeça maluquinha.

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