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Transverses | Documentary from Ceará on transsexuality premieres at the 45th Mostra

Transverse , directed by Émerson Maranhão, and produced by Allan Deberton, has the testimony of four trans people who rescue their stories, their processes of self-discovery and their processes of transits and journeys, and also of a cisgender woman, mother of a trans teenager. Even though it was censored by the federal government, which publicly announced that “it was not appropriate to make a film with this theme” and declared that it would be “aborted” from the Ancine notice in which it was a finalist, the film will have its first sessions in the country at the 45th Mostra International Film Festival in São Paulo, which takes place between October 20th and November 3rd, in person and online.

The film, based on two previous projects by the director, a web series and a short film, follows the lives of five people who live the experience of transgenderism in different ways. Public employee Samilla Marques, teacher Érikah Alcântara, nurse Caio José and academic Kaio Lemos went through a delicate process of self-acceptance until they understood their subjectivity. Today, they experience gender technologies such as hormones and surgeries that ensure an appearance that matches the way they see themselves, but they still suffer from misunderstanding, estrangement and prejudice. The journalist Mara Beatriz, a cisgender woman, faced transphobia up close and rebuilt her life when she learned that she was the mother of a transgender teenager. Today, she is one of the most active activists of the Mothers for Diversity group in Ceará.

For everyone and everyone interviewed in Transverse , the documentary is extremely important both for the current political moment and for the visibility it gives to the cause of transgenderism. "For me, this movie is about resilience. Of course, you have to have a lot of courage, not everyone likes to expose their pain. But, in a way, it relieves me to do it at a time when it can help other people“says Samilla. For Kaio, the documentary is also a tool to combat patriarchy and sexism. "Specifically in this movie, I felt really good, I feel at home. Even because most of the team were trans people. This allowed me to be much more at ease, allowed me to surrender more, to have freedom with my body, to have freedom with the things I wanted to say and what I said”. While Érikah points out “the opportunity to give visibility to trans people within different contexts, beyond the imposed social segregation, with which we are commonly represented. The film shows that, contrary to what society usually points out, we can be whatever we want, experience family routines, affection routines, professional routines. All this in a very natural way.”

Mara Beatriz, in turn, emphasizes the certainty that the film will help many trans people and their families. "We had never done cinema before, but it was very well received. And she felt very honored to have our story so faithfully addressed, and in such a respectful way.“. And, finally, Caio also emphasizes the importance of this documentary for himself. "I was able to review things in my life and see how important they are to the person I am today, and that my experiences can help other people who go through similar experiences.” See at the end of the release, the complete testimony of each and every one about their participation in Transverse .

I would really like this documentary to contribute to changing this dreadful scenario in which we live in the country today. I find it difficult, but not impossible. It's a little ant job. However, if every spectator who watches the film strips his gaze of the usual prejudices to allow himself to meet these very special characters, feel their pain and joy, and let these beautiful and unique trajectories touch their hearts and minds, I think we will have a excellent start“, comments the director.

The partnership with Émerson, since the short film, came in this sense of looking for stories that talked about courage and struggle. Our characters are brave and courageous, they set an example, they transform. Our role was to make the project exist, out of pure necessity – no one will impede freedom of expression. Making this movie became a civilizing act,” concludes Deberton.

Transverse is distributed by Deberton Films.

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