Trolls 2 | New rhythms, colors and characters are presented in the first animation trailer


The Universal Pictures just released the first trailer for Trolls 2 (Trolls World Tour). The production of Dreamworks continues the successful 2016 animation - which made the whole world fall in love with pop music.

Watch by clicking on the player above.

In addition to bringing Poppy, Tronco and Guy Diamante (voices of Jullie, Hugo Bonemer and Hugo Gloss), the adventure will have much more rhythms and colors. In Trolls 2, the harmony between the sounds is no longer the same and new worlds appear to conflict with Pop. Rock steals the show with the arrival of Queen Barb, a rocker over there with confidence. In addition to rock, country - represented by Delta D (voice of Simone Mendes, from the duo Simone & Simaria) -; classic, funk and techno will also fight for their rights.

Directed by the duo Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith, Trolls 2 arrives in Brazilian cinemas on April 16, 2020.


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