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Trovo Brasil celebrates 1st anniversary: See the thematic actions

Celebrating its 1 year anniversary in Brazil, Trovo invites the entire community with actions to streamers

The thunder, live streaming platform focused on game content creation, completes its first year since the launch of its beta phase in Brazil. Celebrate with Trovo, June 16-30. With more than 14,000 weekly active streamers on the platform, Trovo decided to gift its streamers with some actions so that they continue to engage the community.

Check out Trovo's main anniversary actions below:

Trovo Brasil comemora 1º aniversário: Veja as ações temáticas 1
  • Getting into the party mood: Trovo has provided a filter on instagram like Leon, the platform's mascot, thinking about its streamers, so that they can continue to share their lives on the social network and engage their followers. In addition, they also made available to streamers a party hat, for them to use in their streams.
  • Pride Month: Trovo, throughout June, will nominate LGBTQIA+ streamers to showcase their work and the customization of the profile icon with the border of the LGBTQIA+ flag will also be available
  • Community Night – Anniversary Edition: the usual Community Nights which take place fortnightly in Trovo Brasil channel, this time it will be even more special. Trovo will give away Google Play Gift Cards and birthday kits for those who are following the live. Don't miss out! 24th, at 7pm on Thunder Brazil.

The platform offers a safe and fun place for both streamers and their viewers. Stay connected on social media thunder at the TwitterInstagramFacebookYoutubeTikTok and Discord.

About Trovo:

Trovo Live is the new game streaming platform. It has full support for streamers and their viewers, offering all the necessary integrations for you to make your livestream with maximum quality. The platform has been on the market for over a year and has been gaining ground through various forms of monetization for its partners and its close relationship between streamers and staff.

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