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The new bet of Apple TV +, Shining Girls is based on the book of the same name by Lauren Beukes and brings to the screen the interesting story of a serial killer with a very original modus operandi.

Know everything about the production.

Shining Girls Synopsis

Years after a brutal attack left her traumatized, Kirby Mazrachi discovers that a recent murder is linked to his attack.

She teams up with the veteran reporter Dan, who has covered the case in the past. Now the two go on a hunt against this assailant, finding several cases similar to the crime suffered by Kirby.

Shining Girls Cast

Tudo Sobre | Shining Girls 1
Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura in Shining Girls / Image: Apple TV+

In the main cast, Shining Girls brings Elisabeth Moss in the lead role as Kirby. At his side, the Brazilian Wagner Moura gives life to Dan Velasquez. Jamie Bell acts as Harper.

The actress from Hammilton completes the cast. Phillipa Soo like Jin-Sook, Chris Chalk like Marcus, Amy Brenneman like Rachel, Erika Alexander like Abby, Alex Goodrich like Bertie, Sadieh Rifai like Lakshmi Awad, Christopher Meister like Clarence, Deanna Reed-Foster like Sheila, Marc Grapey like Howard, Christopher Denham like Leo Jenkins.

Shining Girls Production Team

Silka Luisa serves as showrunner for the series. Katrina Albright scripts by your side. Michelle MacLaren and Daina Reid take the lead.

Elisabeth Moss is one of the executive producers alongside the author and star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Based on Illuminated

The series Shining Girls is based on the homonymous book, published in Brazil as illuminated by the editorial Intrinsic. Check out the review of Illuminated by clicking on here.

Tudo Sobre | Shining Girls 2
Cover of Illuminated / Image: Intrinsic

In the plot set in Chicago in 1931, Harper Curtis, a violent drifter, breaks into an abandoned house that hides a shocking secret: once inside, a person is able to be transported through time. On top of that, Harper is faced with girl names that shine before his eyes. Instigated by a command that seems to come from the house, Harper must travel through time, find the "enlightened girls" - carefully chosen from different decades - and kill them. With the killer going back in time after each murder, his crimes are perfect and untraceable. Or at least that's what he thinks.

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Already in the year 1992, Kirby Mazrachi is unable to forget what happened. The young woman saw her life shattered after being the victim of a brutal attack that narrowly missed her death. Unlike the others, she survived and is ready to go after the man who tried to kill her. Still shaken and struggling to relate, Kirby decides to join the city's newspaper in an attempt to investigate on her own the crime of which she was the victim and which had been left aside by the local police. There she goes after Dan, the former police reporter who covered her case. Apparently in love with her, he is her only ally. As Kirby's investigation progresses, other cases similar to his own — and with worse outcomes — come to light, linked by unimaginable evidence.

Where was Shining Girls recorded?

Apple TV+ has placed a season order for Shining Girls in the first half of 2020. Filming took place between May 24, 2021 and October 27, 2021. Mostly in Chicago, with historic landmarks such as the Adler Planetarium, the first planetarium of its kind to be built in the US, appearing in the background of some of the scenes. The film crew was spotted on the outskirts of Chicago Studio City, a commercial and in-demand film studio near Columbus Park.

Elevated trains, a hallmark of the bustling metropolis, and parts of downtown Chicago can also be seen in the series.

Tudo Sobre | Shining Girls 3
Shining Girls scene/ Image: AppleTV +

Brazilian representation in Shining Girls

Wagner Moura asked to speak in Portuguese in the series. In the third episode, he has a brief scene where he converses in his native language. In an interview, the actor revealed the process:

"I asked to speak Portuguese, it's a wink to Brazil, to my country”. Initially, the idea seemed somewhat contradictory to Silka Luisa, showrunner of the series, as the desire was to maintain the characteristics taken from the book of the same name, where the character has Caribbean origins. But, to the actor's delight, the screenwriter accepted his request. Moura said that this is a very common scenario in the United States, as there are countless families where there is a mixture of nationalities, such as the father speaking in Portuguese and the son responding in English.

In addition, the Brazilian actor can still return to other roots, journalism. According to information, before dedicating himself to an acting career, Wagner graduated in journalism from the Federal University of Bahia. "One thing I really like is that Dan is an excellent journalist, and that for me is a very cool thing, because I am a journalist too and I have a lot of admiration for journalists”.

Release date and duration of Shining Girls

Shining Girls premieres on April 29, with three episodes. In all, there will be eight episodes with about 45 minutes each.

Where to watch Shining Girls?

In Brazil and the US, the series is available on Apple TV+.

Shining Girls trailer


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