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TUDUM | Meet the first Netflix exclusive festival

Has immersion in Netflix productions such as “O Mundo de Sabrina”, “Stranger Things” and “Atypical” at the Tudum festival

For the first time, Netflix made a festival of her own. There were four overcrowded days entitled to interactive activities, well-designed scenarios and guests from national and international productions on the platform. streaming. Did you remember anything? CCXP? Well, the event was not as big as Comic Com Experience but it provided fans with unique moments. Unlike CCXP that happens elsewhere, O TUDUM: Netflix Festival it was produced in Brazil and has no ties to other countries in which the company operates.

TUDUM | Conheça o primeiro festival exclusivo da Netflix 1
Festival that took place between the 25th and the 28th of January makes reference to the sound identity of the streaming / Reproduction

Organized in Ibirapuera Biennial Pavilion, in São Paulo, the event was free and had stages with panels, shows and stands to suit the tastes of all fans. What caught the attention of those who attended the event due to creativity was the food court, which had a space set in the Corner Café and even the waffles from Eleven. In addition, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream and others were more scattered throughout the event. With the four days full, the organization offered free transportation at two metro stations. Unfortunately, it was not possible to avoid queues but those who managed to get in took advantage of everything (or almost everything) that was there.

TUDUM | Conheça o primeiro festival exclusivo da Netflix 2
Maisa, Noah Centineo, Lana Condor and Larissa Manoela were some of the artists invited to the
event / Play

On the first day of the event, Larissa Manoela talked about his first project for Netflix, the feature "Airplane Mode". Part of the cast of "Sintonia" was also on the first day and commented on the success of the series and a second season in development. The second day was attended by Whindersson Nunes on a dashboard stand-up. On the third day, Giovanna Ewbank spoke a little more about the reality that will present later this year, "The Circle" that questioned people's exposure on social networks.

The last day was a gift for the fans of “For All the Boys I've Loved Before”, Noah Centineo and Lana Condor Brazilian fans have gone crazy by divulging details of the sequence that opens on February 12, “Para Todos Os Garotos: PS Still Love You”. Maisa and the writer Thalita Rebouças told about the first film of three features they will make for Netflix, in which the presenter will be one of the highlights of the plots.

The festival featured diverse activities such as dance classes, karaoke, pocket shows (Projota, Anavitória, Melim and others), studios that offered a haircut in a barbershop inspired by “Tuning”, a space called “Drag-Se” within the scene of Eric's “Sex Education” room that offered makeup for all tastes, several themed spaces with scenarios from the series “The Dark World of Sabrina”, "Atypical", "The End Of F *** World" and "Stranger Things". It is worth remembering that the “Barraca do Beijo” was reproduced there and Lara Jean's room. C&A also had a space that presented its themed collection, with prints from La Casa de Papel and “Stranger Things” made the crowd happy. The Intrinsic and Livraria Leitura also had their booths at the event with the most varied titles linked to successes such as “O Irlandês” and “Para Todos Os Garotos I've Loved”.

We don't know if the event will be part of the organization's calendar, but it was a success in those four days and left me wanting more. Like any large event, it had good aspects and some not so good (queue to enter, eat, karaoke and etc.) and with tactful space, it could have organized and distributed the stands better, but the most important thing was to provide interactive experiences and bring fans closer to productions and their favorite artists. In addition, it had a food court and free shuttle service. 


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