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Turma da Mônica The Show returns in a short season in São Paulo

After an international tour through the United States and Japan, the renowned musical show Monica's Gang The Show is back in São Paulo for a very short season. There will be 12 sessions, between January 24th and February 9th, at Teatro Santander.

In the show, Mônica, Cebolinha, Cascão, Magali and Chico Bento rescue the famous songs of the group from the Limoeiro neighborhood in a production by Mauricio de Sousa LIVE and OPUS Entertainment that moves and enchants the whole family with messages of love, friendship and respect.

With special effects and lots of interaction with the LED panel, Monica's Gang The Show it is packed with famous Gang songs, with new arrangements, and provides funny, dynamic, playful and interactive moments. The show is 60 minutes long, with a 15-minute break, and was created and directed by Mauro Sousa, director of Mauricio de Sousa LIVE, under the supervision of the creator of Turma da Mônica, Mauricio de Sousa.

Over the past three years, the musical has been watched by thousands of families both in Brazil and abroad, as it toured cities in the United States and Japan.

Ticket prices start at R$ 75 (whole) and can be purchased at the ticket offices of Teatro Santander and at link.


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