The Ubisoft Brazil has just launched a ten-episode miniseries that details how the games industry works and presents, in a fun and exciting way, the size and importance of this sector. Titled “Games and Professions”, the production can be seen exclusively on Ubisoft TV Brazil, a free Ubisoft channel that broadcasts varied content about electronic games, and offers a clear and pedagogical vision on the topic, covering everything from the concept of Telejogo to the huge investments in the competitive eSports scene.

The series is presented by the teacher Rodrigo Selback, from the University of Caxias do Sul, and brings viewers, in a unique way, diverse information, research, stories, news and behind-the-scenes information about the sector. “The games industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds and increasingly arouse the interest of enthusiasts, consumers and professionals. With this project, we want to provide the general public with reliable information about the games market, present career possibilities and reinforce the enormous potential of the segment”, explains Selback.

The miniseries is part of a new education project created by Ubisoft Brasil, which aims to share didactic and even pedagogical content about this billion-dollar industry. In “Games and Professions”, viewers can discover and learn about topics such as “The eSports Ecosystem”, “What is a video game”, “Mobile games and the 3 Fs theory”, “Streaming and streamers”, and much more more.

Ubisoft TV Brasil can be accessed from anywhere through connected TVs, smartphones and tablets Android and iOS, and Apple TV. To access it, users can choose between services such as Samsung TV+ (channel 2336), Pluto TV (channel 346 – Pluto TV Gaming by Ubisoft), in addition to the Ubisoft TV Brasil application itself and the official website.


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