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A farewell to Merlin


Today it is a month that the great series Merlin ended and yesterday the actor Colin Morgan won best drama actor at the NTA Awards. Congratulations to him, well deserved for the award, he is an excellent actor, both in drama and comedy. Let's remember a little bit about Merlin:

This year, many good series have come to an end, Merlin was one of them. As a big fan, I decided to comment and remember this wonderful series, which left us with a huge void ...




The British series Merlin ends today, despite sadly reporting a little about the series, I must emphasize the brilliant interpretations of the actors Colin Morgan (Merlin), which is wonderful performing both as comedy and drama, with its excellent voice changes;  Bradley James (Arthur), also great for both; Richard Wilson (Gaius), always protecting and sometimes screwing up Merlin; Katie McGrath (Morgana), Angel Coulby (Guinevère), Alexander Vlahos (Mordred), the beautiful voice of John Hurt (Kilgharrah, our very cute magic dragon); and the loyal knights Rupert Young (Sir Leon); Tom Hopper (Sir Percival), of course Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine), which by the way I think would make a great Dr. Who.

The Series had as creators Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, debuting in 2008.

Among the characters of Camelot we have:

  • Uther Pendragon (Antony Head) king of Camelot and father of Arthur and Morgana, as it turns out later. It prohibits all and any type of magic and those who practice it are condemned to death.
  • Gaius (Richard Wilson) palace doctor, is a sorcerer and alchemist but was forgiven by Uther, with the promise of not using magic anymore. He considers Merlin as a son, and assists him with all his knowledge of magic.
  • Arthur (Bradley James) is the son of Uther Pendragon and heir to the throne, a young prince who is very brave, but also very stubborn, who cares a lot about the people, disagreeing with his father several times. He is considered arrogant by Merlin, but they end up being best friends.
  • Morgana (Katie McGrath) who in this version ends up being Arthur's sister on the part of father and not mother, as in “Mists of Avalon”. At first she does not know her powers and suffers from nightmares that reveal prophetic visions in dreams, being medicated by Gaius. Morgana disagrees with the way Uther treats those who have magic without even knowing that she has it. When she finds out that she is Uther's daughter, she becomes very angry and disoriented, but with the help of her sister, on the mother's side, Morgause (Emilia Fox) who appears to destroy Uther, begins to become a powerful, cunning and evil witch.
  • Guinevere or Gwen (Angel Courby) starts out being Morgana's servant and friend. Later, with so many events, spells, monsters, sorcerers pretending to be something else to enter the castle, ogres and other characters trying to kill Uther, Arthur ends up having to hide in his simple house, and from then on their relationship grows, even hidden. Gwen sympathizes with Lancelot, giving a small introduction to the Arthur-Gwen-Lancelot love triangle, but here the pure love between her and Arthur wins.
  • Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera) appears not to be the son of nobles, but with his courage he ends up becoming a knight later, named by Arthur, but before he is banished from Camelot, by Uther, for not being noble. Lancelot dies in the third season, and in the fourth he is raised from the dead by Morgana to provoke Gwen's betrayal. But it is just a specter and with Merlin's help he will rest in peace.
  • Mordred child (Asa Butterfield-a beautiful child actor who was successful with the boy in the striped pajamas and Hugo Cabret) a druid child who appears to run away and hide in the castle because they are hunting magic and end up killing his father in front of him. He is helped by Merlin, who later counts on the help of Morgana (still good) and finally by Arthur, who ends up saving the boy) and he is sent back to the Druids. hate for Camelot.
  • Mordred Adult (Alexander Vlahos) Arthur's destiny. Mordred returns years later, as a young man who wins Arthur's trust, becoming one of his best knights.
  • Elian (Adetomiwa Edun), brother of Gwen, who later also became knight Sir Elian.
  • Percival (Tom Hopper) who is also Sir Percival, is one of the strongest knights, if not the strongest.
  • Gwaine (Eoin MacKen) a simple quarrel and troublemaker who through his bravery becomes one of the best knights of Camelot, even though he is not noble either.-Sir Gwaine.

The work tells the story of Merlin, a young man who moves to Camelot at the request of his mother, as he wanted her to learn to control her powers. He ends up living with Gaius, who becomes like a father to him, so Merlin will live in a place where magic is forbidden and condemned. Merlin and Arthur don't get along very well at first but he is advised by Kilgharrah (the last surviving dragon that was locked in the dungeon by Uther's order and that Merlin used to visit when he was in a difficult situation) to always stand by Arthur, protect him, help him to become the future king of Camelot, since he was already more fair and with a more noble heart than his father. Kilgharrah also forges a sword for Merlin to give to Arthur and helps him several times with the promise that he will release him and so it is done.

In the first season we have many comedic moments, Merlin saving Arthur's life ends up becoming his servant, the friendship and trust between them increases and they become the best friends. Merlin is a good and fair humble young man, and with the help of Gaius, he ends up fulfilling his destiny. Mordred, a Druid boy, who hides in the castle and is helped by Merlin, who in the future takes Morgana to the same Druids to which Mordred took him. so that she knows her powers, because she is very scared.

In the second season, he discovers that his father is alive and ends up knowing that he is the lord of the dragons, and when his father dies Merlin assumes the position.

In the third season Morgana's hatred for Uther begins, and she tries in various ways to end him.

In the fourth season Morgana through magic puts Uther on his deathbed. Gaius, can't save him with his medicine and advises Arthur to look for magic, so he calls the "old" Merlin, disguised so that Arthur doesn't recognize him. casts another spell on Uther to reverse all magic in him, the more one tries to save, the faster he dies, so Arthur blames the "old man" and continues not to accept magic. Morgana's hatred for Gwen and Arthur increases and she tries to get rid of Gwen, by magic forcing a relationship between Gwen and the “deceased” Lancelot, being banished from Camelot by Arthur. At the end of the fourth season he forgives her and they then they become the queen of Camelot.

The fifth season begins with Arthur in power and a peaceful coexistence for three years, with Gwen as queen at his side and the effectiveness of the round table. Suddenly men of the team of knights begin to disappear and with that begins what they call the Arthur's prophecy, with Morgana using every trick to kill him because her hatred for him is so great that she only thinks about destroying him and everyone he likes. Morgana is also after Emrys, to end him at all costs. Mordred (now an adult) reappears and Merlin's fate begins, as he is named knight upon saving Arthur, but the prophecy that was delivered to Merlin, says to be careful with him. Morgana's attitudes are so violent and cruel that even Mordred turns against her and starts to ally and be friends with Arthur. Morgana sets up an ambush and takes Guinevere to a castle where she tortures her with magic and makes her become a faithful servant of her with no will of her own, with the intention of killing Arthur and taking the throne, it is in this episode that they try to save her. that his brother Elian dies in the trap that Arthur had set. Merlin tries in every way to save Gwen, although Gaius says it is impossible, but he still wants to try, so as Gaius is a wise magician and has a lot of knowledge, he suggests looking for the priestesses. Merlin discovers that he must take her to a place of sacred waters and perform a spell to ask for the help of the Goddess. As Gwen has to go into the water willingly, Arthur ends up having to go along, he does not like the “old man” because he blames him for his father's death, so Gaius says he called a woman, where Domma, the “old woman” appears a sorceress, in a splendid interpretation by Colin Morgan (which I understand had to have nine rewrites because Alexander Vlahos couldn't stand to laugh). Merlin, of course, manages to save her and they return to the palace, and that episode Mordred once again stood against Morgana, in a duel between the two, he knocked her out. Organa, at the height of her hatred, sends a team to kill a village of innocent people, among the killers is an old friend of Mordred and love of his life. Mordred tries to get Arthur's forgiveness for her, and when he fails to try to escape with her and ends up being arrested. Merlin tries to convince Arthur to spare her and after much thought Athur summons her and asks that she regret having killed so many innocent people, but she refuses and still defies the king, so she is hanged, arousing Mordred's ire. This flees and goes to ally with Morgana and reveals that Emrys is Merlin, she then looks for a way to end his magic and sucks his powers. Gaius says he can't do anything, but Merlin doesn't conform, and telling Arthur that he can't go with him to the final battle at Camlann, he goes to the crystal cave to try to regain his powers, again Morgana sends an ally to spy , who through Gwaine learns of Merlin's plans and tells Morgana. This one follows Merlin and holds him in the cave with a collapse because he is out of magic, but there with the help of wise words that say he is the most powerful sorcerer of all, and when convinced of this, he manages to recover his powers. where the battle is going and end it. Mordred manages to wound Arthur with the sword forged by Aitusa (Morgana's dragon), but ends up dying at Arthur's hands, thus fulfilling the much feared prophecy. Merlin finds Arthur injured and tries to take him to the lake that leads to Avalon to save him, but fails, and Arthur finally learns of Merlin's magic, apologizing for the way he has always treated him and accepting him as he is. Morgana finds them and Merlin kills her with the dragon-forged sword. Oh, not forgetting Merlin throwing Arthur's sword into the lake and being caught by the lady of the lake. Merlin puts Arthur in a canoe and leaves him on the lake towards Avalon.


The recordings were made at locations in France, where the castle of Camelot is in a museum.
The effects grow with each season, the dragon getting more and more wonderful and perfect when speaking. This series was a little different from the books I read, but it was more cheerful, more human, more loving, a Disney style.
The ending was really epic, more faithful to the stories than the rest. Although there are always differences in the stories, I know only three: Arthur chronicles - Bernard Cornwell with 3 volumes, The Mists of Avalon - Marion Z. Bradley with 4 volumes and The story of Arthur and his knights - Sir Thomas Malory with 20 volumes, written around 1470, being edited for the first time in English in 1,485: including in this book the sentence “Rest here Arthur, the king who was and who it still has to be ”on the tombstone that should have been Arthur's, because according to them he was sent to Avalon.


I just think that the ending was very fast, I'm sure most of the fans of Merlin, wanted to have seen a little of their friendship with the magic of Merlin being known by Arthur and all, a Camelot with magic and a longer kingdom than than just three years.
Particularly, I thought the ending was a bit hasty, in these last two episodes they ran a lot, they should be deleted and do an entire season.
Once again my congratulations to actor Colin Morgan, managing to divide himself between comic and dramatic scenes so wonderfully, it really was the right choice for this role. Not forgetting to mention that he has the most wonderful eyes I have ever seen in life. James, who besides being handsome is also very talented, both in comedy and drama, to Richard Wilson, who is a cute Gaius, and a curiosity: He studied medicinal science before he was an actor. Kate too, but I am with angry with her (just kidding).
Kilgharrah's phrase, when Merlin finally decides to ask for his help, "Arthur is the once and future King, he will rise once again." And Merlin appearing at a current time, left several fans hoping for a continuation anyway, on film , series, anything, because the people of Great Britain have always loved Arthur very much and believed in his return from Avalon, and how the show is about magic, and how with magic everything is possible, who knows?
I say goodbye here, very sad, knowing that I will miss those words, in a mantra voice:
“In a land of mist and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a yong man, his name… MERLIN!” accompanied by that beautiful music. Yes, it will be sorely missed.


  1. The characters I like the most are Morgana, Merlin and Gaius. They are very good actors.
    It is worth mentioning that the charisma of Merlin and Morgana is impressive. And that they are both physically similar, it could be brothers.
    The actor is not to blame for the script they put him in, but Uther is probably the most boring and at times cretin, to say the least.
    I really liked the series. Of course, the English accent is pleasant to hear.

    • Beloved! I fully agree! So much struggle and so much running that in the end Arthur would die! If Merlin got frustrated, I got triple, man, what do you mean ??? Such a wonderful series deserved a better ending and a happy ending, poh + Arthur n didn't even have time to have an heir! Ahh I'm sad here sloko what a final shit! I didn't count on his death like that or Gwaine's! Kkkkkk I want compensation for the sadness and suffering that this end of Merlin's adventures caused to my “CORE” (heart)… ..

  2. I loved your report about the series, congratulations! I missed and miss this series very much. For me it was one of the best season series .. I really wish I had it until Season 10 .. I also thought it ended very quickly. Snif.

  3. Wow, the end was crap because the whole series says that Arthur would be a good king and release the magic because Morgana turned from evil she spent the whole season doing badly and suffered nothing and died and Arthur also didn’t enjoy his reign Merlin did not become a great magician but is a beggar

    • Kkkkkkkkkkjk merlin became a beggar + Kklkklkkl loved this! I am very frustrated by this, too, nothing to do with him having died at that moment in the end. Which didn't make any sense !!!!!!

  4. I loved the series ... but I just thought the ending was too hasty Arthur should have lived longer with Merlin and together they built the great kingdom ..

  5. The ending had to be quick like that because the series was canceled, so I wouldn’t leave the fans without an ending they made this summary

    • I also thought, he didn't even live his great love, let alone the Great King he would be.
      I was in mourning and his early death echoed Merlin's suffering

  6. The series did not deserve an ending like that, I was disappointed, upset, frustrated, for having wasted so much time wasted, if I had known that the ending was going to suck or start watching. I think even the actors must have been frustrated. Spare me.

    • Kkkkkkkkkkk beloved! I saw myself in her words if I knew that Morgana would have won after all, since what she really wanted was for Arthur to die! I also would not have wasted days, afternoons and nights watching this series! I'm very disappointed here !!

  7. I also didn't like the ending. I was glad I wanted more. I created expextatives and sincerely thought about seeing Arthur live longer and with Merlin being able to use magic. I will miss you. Excellent series, actresses and actors as well as beautiful places. The white dragon could have replaced the other. Too bad it's over.

  8. I was unhappy at the end. I thought Arthur would survive and return to Camelot with Merlin. And so peace would reign and everyone would live happily ever after! I found it sad that Merlin did everything and ended up like that, just like any traveler nowadays and in the shape of old Emrys.😢🥺

    • Yes vey! It didn't make any sense at all! Ultimately, Morgana won! Who got the death of King Arthur what a hate it! I'm revolts here completely identified! There was no logic, they should have returned to the kingdom and the end should be a ceremony for Melin. Was that too much to ask?

  9. Glr you're talking about the ending was bad think about something. Morgana wanted the return of magic and the throne of Camelot. To have the throne of Camelot she had to kill Arthur! It was not her personal desire. And in the end Arthur and Merlin won, Arthur because he managed to protect Camelot, and Merlin because I have Gwen made sure that magic could be used again.
    The question is whether Merlin remained a servant after all.
    I also felt sorry for him, because he saw all his friends die and stayed alive. Sad, it must have been hard for him.

  10. I found myself reading these comments. I am shocked by Arthur's demise. My hope is that there will be a return from them. ♥ ️ ♥ ️

  11. In the end that would be the most expected by all 'Merlin being accepted as a wizard' did not happen, it was only implied !!

  12. I wish Uther had died in the first season. He is the monster of the castle, which everyone hides. Tyrant, murderer and ungrateful, as well as arrogant, arrogant. The protected monster of Galius.


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A farewell to Merlin

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