A Yellow Animal | First national feature teaser released


Written and directed by Carioca Felipe Bragança, A Yellow Animal makes its world premiere at the Rotterdam Festival. The feature is in competition at Big Screen Competition, selection of 9 feature films at a world premiere described by the festival's website as "a collection of powerful films by directors with outstanding international careers".

In A Yellow Animal, described as a tragicomic and melancholy tropical fable about the legacies of Portuguese colonialism in Brazil today, Bragança brings his memories and impressions of Brazilian citizen and artist living in troubled Brazil today "The film is made in the mysterious encounter between the political-cultural nightmare that we are living and very personal and hidden stories that Brazilians don't always like to talk about ”, he explains.

The feature is produced by Rio de Janeiro Marina Meliande and Luis Urbano - Portuguese film producer of directors such as Miguel Gomes and Manoel de Oliveira - and features the young Higor Campagnaro in the cast accompanied by names like Herson Capri, Thiago Lacerda, Sophie Charlotte and Tainá Medina, in addition to a Portuguese-African cast formed by Isabel Zuaa, Lucília Raimundo and Matamba Joaquim and the Portuguese Catarina Wallenstein, Diogo Dória and Adriano Luz. The launch is scheduled for the second half of 2020 by Olhar Distribuição.


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