Wednesday, December 8, 2021

An Unforgettable Year – Autumn | Amazon announces start of film production

O Amazon Prime Video announced the start of production of An Unforgettable Year - Autumn, second film in the Original Amazon franchise An Unforgettable Year, produced by Panoramic.

Based on the homonymous book with the authors' stories Thalita Rebouças, Paula Pimenta, Bruna Vieira and Babi Dewet, the film will be directed by Lazarus Ramos and will feature the city of São Paulo and Avenida Paulista as a backdrop for musical history. An Unforgettable Year - Autumn adapts the short story written by Babi Dewet and will be released on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories.

The film tells the story of Anna Julia and John Paul – the typical unlikely couple. She hates music and all she wants is an internship and stability to help her father around the house. He is a young street musician who dreams of making a living from his art. Even so, the passion between the two takes place, and in one of the most symbolic places in São Paulo: Avenida Paulista. The bustling capital is the ideal setting for the challenging journey that both will have to face to be together.

An Unforgettable Year - Autumn Directed by Lázaro Ramos and scripted by Keka Reis, collaboration of Thamyra Thamara, and with the advice of Marcelo Saback and Vince Marcello, author and director of the franchise Kiss tend .

The franchise will have four movies, starting with An Unforgettable Year - Autumn, followed by An Unforgettable Year – Winter, later An Unforgettable Year - Spring and ending with An Unforgettable Year - Summer. The cast has talents as the protagonists gabz and Lucas Leto, the actress Larissa Light, the actors Pedro Blanc, Raphael Ghanem, Vittor Fernando and Enrico Cardoso, between others. The production and artistic supervision of the franchise are Rodrigo Montenegro and Mara Lobão, from Panoramic.

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