With its first season aired in 2016, Basic Unit returns for its second season on Universal TV with new episodes on May 3 at 11pm. The series, produced by Gullane and created by Newton Cannito and the sisters Helena and Ana Petta, brings as
protagonists, besides Ana herself giving life to Laura, the actor Caco Ciocler, who interprets the Dr. Paulo, an experienced family doctor, completely involved in the cases and histories of his patients, in the daily life of a Basic Health Unit, the entrance door of SUS in the

The plot of the new season will focus a little more on Laura, because it deals more with feminist themes, in fact, according to Ana Petta, all women in the production have a greater involvement in this new year. Paulo still has his normal participation, but more directed to his mistakes and personal life. According to Ciocler, another change in the new plot concerns the entry of the new character, Selene, who will move directly with Paulo, for being reluctant to accept the managerial changes that the character proposes.

The general director, Caroline Fioratti, says that the viewer will be able to identify his
personal dramas in this new season, which besides talking about health, talks about healing,
human bonds, of affection, all of this taking place in a basic health unit.
For her, this is a fiction that seeks not only to entertain, but also to bring information.
“We are living in a unique and painful moment. The covid-19 pandemic opened wide
the problems faced by health professionals and the importance of SUS in life
of Brazilians. Our debut coincides with these times of uncertainty, but of profound
gratitude to doctors, nurses, community workers and everyone in the line
ahead in the struggle for lives, ”he says.

Immediate diagnoses, corporatism and feminicide are some of the topics covered
in the new wave of episodes. “The idea of the series is to divulge to Brazil what is going on inside
Basic Health Units and, currently, they have become the focus of attention. I think
which was a happy dramaturgical coincidence, although it is an unfortunate coincidence
history ”, says Caco Ciocler regarding the current context of the new pandemic

In his second season, the protagonist also signs the direction of two episodes.
“For me it is super joy. I had already directed two documentaries and was crazy
to start in fiction. I thought it would be in the cinema, but I'm glad it was in a
series that I already loved the people, the characters and had an understanding inside,
as an actor. So, this passage for a universe that I already had was very interesting
lived so intimately ”, says the actor.

Caco also talks about the recording routine and behind the scenes. The actor says that for
to address himself, he often needed a replacement actor, as he didn’t have time to
to see. He set up the scene with the actor, understood the other characters, the best way
to fit in and record. “For me it was a great learning experience, which made me have a
understanding of the whole, which I could never dream of having when I made the first

Unidade Básica | 2ª temporada da série promete ser mais ousada 1
Basic Unit / Pedro Saad

The whole team is very excited about the new year of the series. “We are very happy, once again, for this partnership with Universal TV. Basic Unit it is a super relevant and extremely current Brazilian series, because it shows our great public health professionals, in the midst of their challenges, their dramas, their daily achievements and the powerful and deep relationships they establish with the communities in which they operate ”, says the producer Caio Gullane.

Inspired by real cases, fiction accompanies the work routine of professionals in
health, such as doctors, nurses and community agents who work in a Basic Health Unit, whose objective is to offer care to the population. “Mine
expectations were already immense for this debut. We had a lot of feedbacks
interesting in the first season. I'm glad, for example, to know that the series is
being object of study for health professionals and universities. The themes of
second season are very complex, dialogue with the Brazilian reality and
they raise very deep and courageous questions and problems ”, completes the actor.

Universal TV will air double episodes every Sunday at 11 pm and 11:30 pm. The cast
still has Vinícius de Oliveira and the Carlota Joaquina, who were also part of the
first season, and new names like Fabiana Gugli, Lina Mello and Gabriel Calamari.


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