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Full Sail American University helps Brazilian schools set up Itineraries for the New High School in 2022

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the american university full sail makes available to Brazilian schools the exclusive Creative Careers Program, developed for high school students who are in the moment of choosing a professional career and discovering new skills.

The course has 10 modules with 40 hours of content, available in Portuguese or English, according to the needs of each educational institution that joins the program for free. Classes can also be customized for each school, according to the institution's vision for the Training Itineraries.

Second Carol Olival, director of community outreach at Full Sail University, the project was born at the request of partner schools, knowing that the American university had contents that could be adapted to the programs for the new itineraries and electives.

For Olival, the implementation of the program in schools will give students a better opportunity to qualify for the job market. “It's time to get to know different careers and have more confidence in choosing which profession to follow”, he says. “On the other hand, it will also be an opportunity for these young people to think about the opportunity to study abroad and consider Full Sail as a possible university to contribute to their higher education”, he explains.

Since the announcement of the new teaching guidelines in Brazil, the American university Full Sail University has been carrying out actions with schools in the states of the Federal District, São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco, Goiás, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro to help in the process of adapting and implementing the new teaching modality.

The New High School takes effect in February for all first-year students. In addition to the mandatory subjects provided for in the BNCC (Base Nacional Comum Curricular), students will have 1,200 hours for training itineraries, increasing the total workload from 2,400 to 3,000 hours during the three years of studies.

According to MEC (Ministry of Education), training itineraries are a set of educational situations and activities that students can choose according to their interest, to deepen and expand learning in one or more Areas of Knowledge or in Technical and Professional Training.

For Carol Olival, creativity together with the ability and technological knowledge make up the profile of the professional that the market is looking for. “It's the search for professionals with creative and execution skills”, he says. “This is the time to build new skills. It is to offer the school community and students the chance to understand about the Creative Economy, creating a learning field and a market vision”, explains Olival.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Full Sail University is a reference in courses in the creative area. This is Full Sail University's mission, to recognize and be able to help new talents in the world of arts, design, communication, cinema, and many other areas.

About Full Sail University

Full Sail University is located in Orlando, Florida, USA and offers over 140 different higher education programs both on campus and online. Founded in 1979, the university contributes to the creative economy market by training more than 78,000 graduates who develop the creative market in the world. In Brazil, the university nurtures a virtual community through partnerships with schools, colleges and companies, fostering the constant discussion of the creative economy.

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