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Will Give Nothing | Cast and production talk about the process of creating Paramount+'s first national feature

Debuting with national features, the Paramount + launch the comedy will give nothing, first streaming investment shot in Brazil.

The fun script Guel Arraes and Jorge Furtado presents a light weave, but very well tied, focused on Kelson (Cauê Campos), a young car thief who in one of his jobs uses his motorcycle to escape the police and ends up causing the arrest of the dangerous criminal Brasilite (Heinz Limaverde). Unaware of the seriousness of his actions, Kelson goes on with his normal life in search of a more powerful motorcycle to continue his “works” and to conquer. neide (Fernanda Teixeira).

He ends up finding a good scheme when buying a new motorcycle from Fernando (Rafael Infante), a scammer married to suzi (Katiuscia Canoro). It turns out that she is a police officer who participates in his schemes and got the motorcycle seized from Brasilite. When he breaks out of prison and wants his bike back, the couple must turn to evade both the police and the thief.

Vai Dar Nada | Elenco e produção falam sobre o processo de criação do primeiro longa nacional da Paramount+ 1
Cauê Campos and Katiuscia Canoro in Vai Dar Nada / Image: Fabio Rebelo

An element that is often mentioned in the feature is DPVAT, when asked about the idea of making a humor film about DPVAT, Jorge Furtado jokes that “it is the best film about DPVAT in Brazil, without a doubt”. The screenwriter reveals that the insertion of this element “came after the initial premise, about a biker who steals cars to support himself, and thinking that there are many laws in Brazil - in addition to the written law, that of the police, that of crime and especially of survival. - were elements that were inserted in the form of comedy and helped to flesh out the feature”.

Guel Arraes reveals that he was greatly inspired by a text by Marcelo Taz, which makes a humorous review listing ten outlaw traffic things commonly seen in the country and that the only thing that is respected in Brazil is the samba car parade. He says that there is a lot of circumvention of the law, but that often the “outlaws” respect it more than the rest of the population.

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Jéssica Barbosa reveals a little about the recordings, made in Porto Alegre. The actress opens by declaring that “it was a wonderful opportunity to be with this talented cast, which makes it possible to learn so much from them, in addition to the script and the praised direction of Jorge, with great lightness. She says that the reality of the set imprints on the film and this film shows that.” However, she reveals that not everything was rosy, while inside the set everything was great, outside it was not so good “As a black actress in the city of Porto Alegre, they had experiences of racism in the city” She also declares that the audiovisual is a path to fight against these attitudes “I think the construction of characters in the film is extremely important. Rebeca (her role in the film) is a law student in the hood, with dread and disputed, and this bet on costume construction is in the construction and it's a beautiful bet. At the same time, I am an actress who plays this important role, but who personally lived through moments of racism in the city”.

Cauê adds on this subject. “I agree 100%, the entire black cast experienced some moments of racism and we support each other. Inside the set, the Paramount and the Porto Alegre Film House, in addition to the entire team, gave incredible support and there was a special union. When someone had a problem, there was a team of people to help”. He also comments that it was “the first time he “lives alone” during the recordings and a remarkable day was when they learned a typical dish from the meeting to have dinner together”.

Vai Dar Nada | Elenco e produção falam sobre o processo de criação do primeiro longa nacional da Paramount+ 2
Katiuscia Canoro in Vai Dar Nada / Image: Fabio Rebelo

Katiuscia Canoro talks about her character “is very powerful and always finds a way to come out on top”. I've never played such a strong character and that strength is inside every woman, it's hard to be a woman and you have to have that strength not to succumb.” She reveals that this performance was “a place of freedom and pleasure to be able to show this strength of every woman”.

The soundtrack of the film is very remarkable, about this Jorge jokes that “cinema is something that is made to listen to very loud music and Brazil has an incredible musical composition”. He reveals that “the idea was to have a lot of Brazilian music in the film, which is representative of several places, there is rap from Porto Alegre, music from Rio and even from the Amazon. Having songs that express their realities is the film's editorial. Each character has their path, which links with their bow. Music is the soul of cinema.”

Cauê agrees, about the construction and inspiration for Kelson, he says that “the soundtrack helped a lot, I used it as a base in the construction. Kelson is very close to my heart.”

Purposely, the film does not define the place it takes place. It was recorded in Porto Alegre, but there is a mixture of accents and Jorge jokes that “it takes place in “filmopolis”, a city that is all over Brazil. Each part of the cast brought a little bit of their place, played freely by each actor in their native way.”

Will Give Nothing debut May 18th, exclusively on Paramount +.

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