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Start Series News Valéria | Watch the trailer for Netflix's new Spanish series

Valéria | Watch the trailer for Netflix's new Spanish series


Valeria (Diana Gomez), Lola (Silma López), Carmen (Paula Malia) and Nerea (Teresa Riott) saw flesh and blood characters in the official trailer for Valeria, television adaptation of the novels of Elísabet Benavent, which opens May 8, only on Netflix.

Watch the video above.

The plot features Valéria, a writer in crisis with both her novels and her husband and the emotional distance that separates them. She takes refuge in her three best friends: Carmen, Lola and Nerea, all immersed in a whirlwind of emotions about love, friendship, jealousy, infidelity, doubts, heartbreak, secrets, jobs, joys and dreams about the future.

Maxi Iglesias and Ibrahim Al Shami complete the cast of this new fiction, in which they interpret, respectively, the mysterious Victor and Valéria's husband, Adrian

Directed by Inma Torrente and Nely Reguera, the adaptation was carried out by María López Castaño, who is also the creator of the series, along with Aurora Gracià, Almudena Ocaña and Fernanda EguiarteValeria is a production of Plan by Plan for Netflix. 


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