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Benefits of easily subscribing to Xbox Game Pass

Check out the benefits, especially for those who don't have a console, of being an Xbox Game Pass subscriber.


When it comes to subscribing to a streaming channel, Netflix immediately comes to mind. Soon after, people are already thinking about other services and what benefits they bring, since it “seems” that the Netflix is the most complete. It may seem like it, but subscribers really review the services.

HBO will only have the catalog Warner, Disney Plus with a Mickey house library, Prime Video is even vast with other channels and becomes very exciting, just like the Globoplay that does not lag behind Apple TV Plus.

But what about the gaming universe? In the past, games were like movies and series. The person bought your game and could have an unpleasant surprise or the opposite, or rent it at a video store. That if found the game! Gradually, large companies such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, realized that having games in digital format and keeping players as subscribers is a business.

But there are some caveats that are: the value, the game is not mine (as was the thought with the movies and series for collectors), and having to be forced to own a console Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo. And that's if the player doesn't prefer to play via PC and is a user of Steam or Epic Games, which in the case of the latter, always brings excellent quality games weekly for free.

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But here we have the pleasant surprise of being a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass, since its catalog is very vast, with triple A games being launched on the first day and with several titles that are being added for free (for those who pay a monthly fee), and even with discounts for players.

Do I need to have an Xbox?

This is the first thought that comes to anyone who wants to subscribe to a program aimed at games, especially Xbox. But in this case, the answer is a resounding: NO. You don't need to own an Xbox console, whatever it is, to be a subscriber. You can only have a PC/Notebook as well as a cell phone (medium and good quality) to play Xbox Game Pass titles.

By subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, the player will have access to several titles that can be played on some of these platforms. And the best thing is that many of them don't even need to be installed, just having access to a good quality internet and playing via the cloud.

Between our tests in this way, the games behaved very well, with no frame drops and it was as if the game was fully installed on the notebook or cell phone. The only problem was really the local internet. When there were variations or the game crashed or the image had some defects. But again, this was our problem and not Xbox's.

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In addition to cloud games, you can also play titles aimed at PC, which are also quality and famous. It is worth remembering that the vast majority of titles that arrive for Xbox are also released for PC. Installing games also follows the same pattern as any game. It must be downloaded and then it will install automatically. The only issue – again – is your connection.

Worth it?

Analyzing as a player who doesn't spend hours and hours with just one title, yes, it's worth it! For casual gamers who often don't know what they're looking for, it's an excellent choice. Just being able to open the catalog and being able to choose from an RPG to a fighting game or just a horror without commitment and/or having to be forced to play with other players, is great!

Another plus point is having the freedom to choose not to have to buy a high-end or older Xbox to play. It's great to have the power in your hands to play a classic Xbox title without having to own every console! It's also great to play and not have to worry about the size of space needed on the HD because you can simply click on Cloud Gaming and play from there.

The same thing as simply picking up your cell phone, as long as it has the power to do so (8 GB suggestion) and playing with one of the existing titles. And going back to the PC, if you are one of those who don't like to play with the keyboard, well, you can still play quietly with a console controller normally.

Overall, Xbox Game Pass is a subscription worth having. Currently (article made on July 14, 2022), the first month is R$ 5.00. After that, the most expensive subscription is R$ 44.99, therefore even cheaper than its competitor, the PS Plus Deluxe: R$ 59.90 monthly, R$ 159.90 quarterly or R$ 389.90 yearly.



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