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Last Sunday (16), a Reddit user posted on his profile, what would be the future of Marvel in theaters. The MCU would be renewed, extended and heavy names would be added to the production lists. Nothing had been confirmed by Marvel Studios, Disney or the advice of the actors and actresses, so consider the news - though great - a rumor.


* As previously reported, the mutants will join the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), but only in 2025 with a focus on the original team.

* The Iceman will be openly gay, as well as in the comics.

* Vampire will be one of the villains of Captain Marvel 2.

* Only actor Ryan Reynolds and actress Morena Baccarin will not be replaced by other actors after Disney's acquisition of Fox. However, all other X-Men will be replaced.

* Cyclops will be one of the main characters of the new franchise.

Fantastic Four

* The new Fantastic Four movie is expected to debut in 2022 and, as well as the X-Men franchise, will join the MCU.

* Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are in negotiations to star in the film, they will be the Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic, respectively.

* In addition, Liam Hemsworth is also in negotiations to join the cast of the film. If all goes well, he will play the Human Torch, a role that belonged to Chris Evans in the first Fantastic Four films.

* The plot of the film will take place possibly in the 60s. The Quantum Kingdom will be highly prominent.

* The Thing will be all in CGI, following the same pattern as Hulk and Thanos.

The Eternals

* The film will show the beginnings of humanity and what made these powerful entities appear again.

* The origin of the Jewels of Infinity will be narrated in this film and possibly bring Thanos in his youth.

* Like Angelina Jolie, who has already been confirmed in the cast, Keanu Reeves, Richard Madden, John Hamm, George Clooney and Charlie Hunnam, are in negotiations to join the cast of the film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

* Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will be with the other heroes in search of Gamora (Zoe Saldaña). The link between Gamora and Nebula (Karen Gillan) will be the highlight of the film.

* Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) will have his romantic partner in the film. Her name is Lylla (the actress has not yet been released).

* Adam Warlock will be the big villain of the feature. Actor Brad Pitt is in talks to play him.

Black Widow

* The Black Widow solo film will show the hero's story before being recruited to the Avengers.

* It is an original film that will show what actually happened in Budapest.

* Yelena Belova will be introduced to the public as the new Black Widow, taking over from Natasha at the end of the film.

* Emma Watson is in negotiations to be part of the cast - it is not known if she will be Yelena herself or have any other characters.

* The debut is for 2020.

As has been said, none of this information was disclosed in official media of Marvel Studios, Disney or advisory of the actors mentioned. So treat the news as a rumor. Whether true or not, new information will come soon.



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