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Find out which games were original from Tectoy

The Tectoy was one of the main toy companies of the last century, mainly in the 1980s and 1990s when it launched in Brazil the Master System and Mega Drive.

It was a tremendous fever and a great time to visit friends to “kick it out” on the Street, see who scored the most on Sonic or who died less in Alex Kidd.

And the company was also famous for modifying some games like Monica's Gang in the Land of Monsters created for Mega Drive, which is a modification of Wonder Boy in Monster World. But she was not famous for that, but for having bet on several original productions that today are real bargains and rarities in the hands of collectors.

Saiba quais jogos eram originais da Tectoy 1

Among these highlights are Duke Nukem 3D from Mega Drive and Street Fighter II from the Master System, but there are also others such as Frustrated Holidays from Pica-Pau and Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum that are probably in the memory of those over 30 years old. Check out the list below!

20 in 1 (Master System)

This was the first entirely original game developed by Tectoy and launched on the Brazilian market in 1995. It is a collection of 20 very simple games and focused on children, where you have 60 seconds to do something, like dodging obstacles on a skateboard; control a cart as far as you can, etc. It is true that their quality is not “those things”, and the games themselves don't even have names, but it is worth remembering for being Tectoy's first.

Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum (Master System)

Saiba quais jogos eram originais da Tectoy 2

Coming to be the most successful game in the history of TV Cultura, the game from Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum takes place in the episode in which Zequinha takes a juice that turns him into a baby. Launched in 1997, it is a 2D platform game where you must solve simple puzzles and overcome obstacles based on the castle's scenarios. There are also a number of questions and answers that stimulate children's intelligence.

Duke Nukem 3D (Mega Drive)

Saiba quais jogos eram originais da Tectoy 3

Entirely developed here in Brazil, Duke Nukem 3D is a true "landmark" in the history of Mega Drive for being able to transport this game originally released for PC in the good old meguinha. With excellent graphics and great gameplay, the game is a lot of fun and also draws attention by getting out of the children's games a bit. A real pride for Mega fans.

Frustrated Pica Pau Vacations (Master System / Mega Drive)

Saiba quais jogos eram originais da Tectoy 4

Launched for Mega and for Master, Pica Pau's Frustrated Vacations was exclusive to the Brazilian market and is disputed by collectors from all over the world. If you have it in hand, know that it has a rarity. The game does not achieve excellence in collision quality and some bugs also keep it from the title of "great game". However, the graphics are quite competent.

Show do Milhão / Volume 2 (Mega Drive)

One of the greatest successes of SBT was also one of the original games launched for Mega Drive, where the player had four options for answers to a question and interacted with digital voices of Silvio Santos. Although quite simple, the game is quite fun and can be played by the whole family, in addition to being excellent for expanding your knowledge. The first volume had 800 questions and the second, 1000.

Pica Pau Amarelo Site (Master System)

Based on the story of Monteiro Lobato, this game was released in 1997 and is more of a running and jumping game that is based on a great Brazilian success. However, the most liked comment from the video above, related to the game's composer, draws attention:

"What a gem ... I made the soundtrack for this and a few more games by tectoy ... an absurd limitation, the tracks when they were passed to the game lost all the sound resource and stayed with this horrible synthesized sound ... even so it was a great experience!"

Street Fighter II (Master System)

The Master System was the only 8-bit console to have a version of Street Fighter 2, with an impressive 8 megs cartridge, something huge by Master's standards. Being one of Tectoy's most ambitious projects, its graphics are quite impressive and the gameplay doesn't “make it bad”, evidently considering the power of the console.

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