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Veronica Mars | 4th season comes to HBO

With the light and sarcastic humor that characterizes her, Veronica Mars arrives at HBO and the HBO GO on Friday, June 5th at 9pm. Starring Kristen Bell and created by the screenwriter Rob Thomas, the fourth season of this series about a shrewd detective features a clash between Veronica and a group of the city's powerful.

In the fictional coastal community of Neptune, the elite desperately seek to keep their secrets. However, Veronica Mars, an intelligent and courageous private investigator, is dedicated to solving the most complicated mysteries in the village.

When young people are murdered during spring break, affecting local tourism, Mars Investigations is hired by the parents of one of the victims to find the killer. The story will follow the investigations of Veronica, who is involved in an epic mystery that will lead her to face adversaries full of power and influence.

The fourth season of Veronica Mars also has Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring. Executive producers are Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero-Wright, Dan Etheridge and Kristen Bell. The series is produced by Spondoolie Productions, in partnership with Warner Bros. Television.


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