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Start Series News Life | Season 3 will be the last; Watch the trailer

Life | Season 3 will be the last; Watch the trailer


The StarzPlay, the premium streaming gives STARZ, announced that the series Life will come to an end with the showing of its third season. The last season will be released on Sunday, April 26, at 9:00 pm (North American Eastern Time), broadcasting six episodes week by week on STARZ in the United States and Canada and on StarzPlay in Europe and Latin America.

Watch the season trailer in the video above.

Tanya Saracho, creator and showrunner, wrote the following letter about the final season of Life for fans of the series:

I wasn't able to write this letter - every time I try my palms sweat, my heart skips a beat and I get sick. It took me days. Because it doesn't matter how you see it, but this is a farewell letter. This is the third season of VIDA, the final season. Instead of dwelling on the “hows” and the “whys”, what is helping me to write is getting to the “thank you” part. That's the part that is making my chest hurt.

When I started this journey, three and a half years ago, I never imagined that, at the end of the process, I would be so completely transformed - mind, body and spirit - and that I would be so strongly firm in my abilities to create and run a TV show. the way it should always be: for us. When I started this, the scenario was bleak for the Latinx representation. In the television scenario, the narratives about us were few and far between and stuck to the stereotype. And I had only heard of a Latin showrunner who had been allowed to run a show on her own. For black queers, too, there was no representation.

This is where the thanks begin: for defending our small and delicate series, we were awarded three wonderful and pioneering seasons on television. Honestly, that is the reason why I personally wanted to write this letter, to express that this support meant everything. This meant two renewals and validations that our black narrative deserves to be told. I will never be able to thank you enough for the reception and the endorsement. Really.

This goodbye is very bitter in words. I would be lying if I said that I am not sad about not going back to our magical writing room to continue writing this story of ours. After all, I was able to tell the exact story I wanted to tell, exactly how I wanted to tell it and this is rare in this industry. I am plunged in gratitude. Thank you Starz not only for allowing LIFE to happen, but for being excellent copals, since we created it together. And thanks to the collaborators whose careers we were able to launch: Latinx directors, screenwriters, actors - almost all women - who are now out there and in demand. What a beautiful family we have built. And what a beautiful show.

Thank you. I hope that you manage to give a good farewell this last season because, let me tell you, she will be powerful. It is more convincing than ever with some images and themes that I’ve never seen on television before. I am deeply proud of that.

Your servant,
Tanya Saracho

Starring the actresses Melissa Barrera and Mishel Prada, such as Lyn and Emma, respectively, Life premiered in 2018. The first two seasons tell the story of the two sisters who, after a long distance, reunite for the funeral and the funeral of their mother. Young women have to decide whether to sell or manage a bar they have inherited. With the decision to rebuild the business, they face financial difficulties, competition and a growing gentrification movement.

Life: last season returns with the Hernandez sisters enjoying success. The bar has been packed and their love lives are flourishing, until they discover an old family secret that ruins the peace they have won with so much effort. They find themselves facing old ghosts and new enemies, while deciding whether to stay together as a family or whether to go it alone - forever, this time.


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