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Visibility to the queer community goes beyond national fantasy

A book that represents, in a healthy and positive way, the love between members of the queer community. The Magic That Comes From Within is the new book by the national writer Stefani Bath, author who was a finalist for the Mark Wertz Literature Prize in 2017. Beyond literary fantasy, the romance between the protagonists Evander and Tommy projects the desire for love to flourish in real life in a light and happy way, detached from intolerance.

In the storyline, an unusual group of friends unite powers and abilities to find the lost Queen and maintain peace in the kingdom of Taah-Ren. To create a complete universe, with a historical past and magical beings, the author used RPG notions in order to convey this fantastic realism to the pages.

Recommended for fans of Lucy Lennox and Nora Roberts, readers of The Magic That Comes From Within will surely fall in love with the interactions between the group of warriors. Full of plurality, giving prominence to gay, demisexual, pansexual and gender-fluid characters, the work is a comforting breath for members of the population. LGBTQIAP +.

A welcoming read for the community queer and a reality that the cis-straight population has always had: the release of Stefani Banhete is a sensitive and prejudice-free love story. This is the author's first fantasy book, known mainly for period novels. 


Title: The Magic That Comes From Within
Author: Stefani Banhete
Publishing company: lura
ASIN: ISBN  978-65-00-20066-9
Pages: 316
Price: R$ 23.00
sale link: Amazon

About the author

Stefani Banhete was born in the city of São Paulo and has lived in Porto Feliz since childhood. She is the author of “Between the Past and the Heart”, a period novel that was shortlisted for the Mark Wertz Literature Prize.

Social networks:
Facebook: stefani.decarvalhobanhete/ 
Instagram: @stefani_banhete


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