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Black Widow | 8 behind-the-scenes trivia

Find out which movies are set in the Black Widow, soundtrack, among other curiosities!


The wait is over: Black Widow, gives Marvel Studios, has already debuted in theaters and in the Disney + through Premier Access, and more and more fans are discovering incredible details about the intriguing past – and dangerous present – of Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).

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In the action-packed new movie, Natasha comes face-to-face with some unfinished business from her family ties as she struggles with a dangerous conspiracy that also connects her with her past. Here are some revealing facts about the plot and characters of Black Widow and the behind-the-scenes work of this production. And don't miss check out our movie review.

6 times widow

Natasha Romanoff's character made her debut on Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English) in 2010 in Iron man 2. Since then, she has appeared in six films:  AvengersCaptain America and the Winter SoldierAvengers: Age of UltronCaptain America: Civil WarAvengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

Through her various appearances on the MCU, it was evident that Natasha's story needed to be told in more depth. “She has a very rich preliminary history. We've been hinting at this in all the previous films, but now we're looking at it in an unexpected way. A lot of things happened to her, besides what we've seen in the other films, and some of them will surprise the audience.", it says Kevin Feige, producer of Black Widow and President and Creative Director of Marvel Studios.

Between which events the film takes place

In the new film, fans get to know aspects of Natasha's life that until now hadn't surfaced on the MCU, putting an end to the aura of mystery that surrounded the character. Eric Pearson, screenwriter for Black Widow, said: “I think she's the Avenger who has talked the least about her life since we met her. She is not who she claims to be in Iron man 2. She chooses not to reveal her past or who she really is to the other characters or the audience. In Black Widow, we explored her story in depth and found out why she didn't want to talk about herself.”

In the timeline, this movie takes place before the events of Avengers: Infinity War and right after what happened in Captain America: Civil War“Natasha has broken the Sokovia Accords, betrayed Secretary Ross, and the Avengers are separated. At the beginning of the film, Natasha is desperate to get away from Ross and leave American soil. When she has the opportunity to start over, she quickly realizes that there are evil forces in the world that force her to get back into action.”, says the co-producer Brian Chapek.

unconventional family

Black Widow is a fast-paced story of action and espionage, but it's also an in-depth exploration of the family ties that made Natasha what she is today. Thus, at the center of the plot is his intense relationship with his sister Yelena, played by the actress Florence Pugh“Yelena is Natasha's counterpart. Natasha is an introvert and Yelena has achieved a certain level of emotional freedom. She is outgoing, determined and direct, which unbalances Natasha, making her personality appear more", describe Pearson.

The family is completed by Melina (Rachel Weisz) and Alexei (David Harbor) as maternal and paternal figures, respectively. The four form an unconventional family, which helps to understand where Natasha comes from and why she made the decisions she made as an adult. In turn, the dynamic they share brings elements of humor to the plot that will undoubtedly amuse the audience.

Around the world

The footage of Black Widow they lasted 87 days and span three continents. The film's production team was based at Pinewood Studios outside London, while filming at different locations in the UK, Norway, Hungary, Morocco and the US.

Second Chapek, the filmmakers wanted the film to reflect Natasha's traveling spirit. “It was important to put Natasha in real-world environments. To get to this sense of reality, we wanted to go to many of these places to shoot", explains. On the other hand, 64 film sets were built, both external and internal. Some of them are the family home, the Norwegian bridge, Yelena's apartment, Gulag prison, Melina's farm and the Red Room, which includes cells, corridors and Dreykov's office.

Dance with the Widow

Another important artistic element of the film is the music. the composer Lorne Balfe was asked to compose the soundtrack that incorporated the story's unique approach. "From the start, Cate Shortland (director) had a very clear vision of what music had to do for the film. If this film was going to tell the story of Natasha's life, it was very important that the soundtrack help tell the story in a beautiful and true way.”explains Chapek.

Viewing images of Natasha, Balfe I immediately knew that I wanted to pay tribute to Russian folk music through this character. “I wanted to create a soundtrack of your story. This song is the ghost of the past that always accompanies her”, comments Balfe. Some of the traditional rhythms that inspired the soundtrack are balalaicas, duduks, dombras and violas de roda. Additionally, a 20 female voice choir has been added. led by Gavin Greenway, the track was recorded in Abbey Road Studios with 118 musicians, one of the greatest orchestras ever recorded in the legendary London studio.

white widow

In the new film, Natasha appears with a white look, defying the style that fans are used to seeing in the character. the costume designer Jany Temime account that the change responds to the setting and plot. “Scarlett has an amazing white uniform because he has to fight in Siberia. I researched military clothing made for and snow and thought 'Why not?' I put on black accessories to keep it robust. Worked perfectly. It is wonderful".

In addition to this specific look, fear says that the process of creating Natasha's wardrobe was very rich and collaborative, as she worked side by side with Scarlett to get it.

22 Widows

Another subplot explored in the film is the Red Room, the rigorous and controversial Widows training program that has marked Natasha in every aspect of her life. In Black Widow, the mythology of these relentless warriors expands with the appearance of 22 Widows in history. Actresses, stuntmen, dancers and martial arts experts were called upon to bring these new characters to life, filling the set with unprecedentedly powerful and electrifying feminine energy.

“The power of these women together in one room was something I had never experienced before. It was an incredible feeling to be surrounded by all these tough, strong women and to be able to take action with them. It was fantastic", confess Scarlett Johansson.


And the action is not exclusive to Widows. Before putting themselves in the bodies of their characters, Scarlett JohanssonFlorence PughRachel Weisz and David Harbor they had to go through intense training to be able to perform most of the action and fight scenes in the film. Together with JohanssonPugh he had to train intensively in techniques such as kickboxing, knife throwing, taekwondo and stunt training. “It was so much fun doing all those scenes and learning new skills. It's a very important part of the movie. Yelena is energetic, her fighting style is fast and powerful, and she prefers to get the job done rather than trying to do it beautifully. This is definitely an attribute of her personality that I clung to throughout the film.”, concludes Pugh.


Black Widow was successfully received by fans around the world, achieving several fundraising milestones the first weekend after the worldwide release. The film opened with a total gross proceeds of approximately more than US$ 215 million worldwide, including US$ 80 million at the US box office, US$ 78 million at the international box office, and over US$ 60 million through subscribers' Premier Access via Disney+ at Worldwide.



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