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Black Widow | From villain to heroine, Natasha Romanoff's dossier

Learn more about one of the most important characters in the universe of comics and the Marvel Cinematographic Universe.


After a long wait, the new movie from Marvel has arrived for the public! The long focused on the story of the character Black Widow made its debut simultaneously in theaters and in the Disney + at the Premier Access on July 9th, when fans finally got to know more about the avenger's past, little explored in the MCU so far.

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In the movie, first of phase four of Marvel Cinematic Universe, a dangerous conspiracy linked to the past of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) will make the heroine face a dark side of her story. Pursued by a relentless force bent on defeating her, she will have to deal with her former life as a spy and people from her past she left behind before becoming part of the Avengers.

Directed by Cate Shortland and produced by Kevin FeigeBlack Widow has a strong cast alongside Johansson: Florence Pugh, as Yelena Belova; David Harbor, in the role of Red Guardian/Alexei; and Rachel Weisz, who interprets Melina Vostokoff.

And for those who have already checked out the feature or will still be, nothing better than traveling to the past to recall some of the highlights of the character's journey throughout the MCU films and also some important characteristics of her personality. Even more so if you got lost at some point after watching the Black Widow. Does not contain SPOILERS.

Dark past

Precisely because so little is known about the past of Black Widow is that fans are eagerly awaiting to learn more about her story. As a child, Natasha was recruited by the KGB, the secret service of the former Soviet Union, which turned her into a great fighter and one of its main spies. The new feature explores that past, covering his training journey with the Russians before switching sides and working for the SHIELD. Furthermore, it also introduces her former “family” of spies and how she got separated from them.

Fight like a heroine!

With no superhuman powers, the Avenger's strength comes from her many skills as a fighter and her broad mastery of the martial arts. She was trained by the Red Room's Black Widow Program, where she was raised to become a Russian spy. There, she rose to prominence and soon became a spymaster and one of the world's greatest assassins — before becoming a staunch defender of the forces that threaten life on Earth.

First apparition

His first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe took place in 2010, in “Iron man 2", already a member of SHIELD In the feature, she is assigned with the mission to infiltrate Stark Industries as Natalie Rushman, the new assistant Tony Stark, and analyze the behavior of the billionaire, who had just revealed his identity as Iron Man to the world. When the hero faces Ivan Vanko, the presence of the future Black Widow is crucial to the character's journey, as it helps him defeat the enemy in the final battle against the villain.

The two sides of Natasha

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is revealed that during the training of the Black Widow Program, Natasha underwent a final sterilization ceremony, preventing her from ever having children. The goal was to prevent any aspect of her life from distracting her from her missions, as the character was created to be an autonomous person with no emotional ties. What we see throughout the films, however, is the opposite: she proves to be a great team player, being an essential piece for the joining of the Avengers.

In addition, we got to know her more human side, represented by her relationships of friendship and loyalty with those who helped her, such as captain America, Iron Man and, of course, the Archer hawk, responsible for his release from the KGB. Loyal to her friend, she is the one who negotiates his release when he is in the hands of Loki, in addition to both maintaining a relationship of trust, being the first to know about the existence of the Archer's family.

Sad farewell [SPOILER ALERT]

In "Avengers: Endgame", Natasha sacrifices herself for the future of humanity and chooses to give her life in Hawkeye's place, in order to retrieve the Soul Stone. Her decision was based on empathy with her friend's family, in a scene where she once again shows her selfless side mentioned above, resulting in one of the saddest moments in the entire MCU.



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