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If Sesame Street it was part of your childhood, you probably watched one of the most interesting programs on TV. The classic series, originally shown in the late 1960s, was assembled based on Sesame Street, with educational content for children, where the characters lived everyday situations that it was possible to learn lessons for life.

One of the most captivating things on the program was the characters, who were not flesh and blood, but fabric puppets that resembled felt, such as The Muppets. Among the funniest characters were Ennio and Beto, two boys who shared the same roof and everyday situations.

Recently, in an interview with the portal Queerty, the show's screenwriter, Mark Saltzman, revealed that Beto and Ennio they are gay and the best, they make a couple. The news made them demystify the couple's story, bringing out the reality of both, which for a long time was material of curiosity and speculation for the fans of the duo and also, of the program.

The cast of Vila Sésamo | Photo / Playback: Internet

I remember once, that a preschooler, turned to his mother and asked if Beto and Ênio were boyfriends, what coming from a child was fun to hear", said Saltzman.

Even with the screenwriter's finding, some members of the community LGBTQ + already used Beto and Ennio as a symbol of the cause and even, both served as inspirations for same-sex couples, who constantly asked the characters to get married on the program.

In Brazil, Sesame Street was shown from 1972 to 1977 on Rede Globo and currently, can be seen on TV Culture. In all, the program had three phases and since 2007, the TV Culture produces new episodes with the characters Garibaldo and Bel and scenes, like sketches, from old programs.


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