Monday, 27, June, 2022

Vivo Keyd announces partnership with Liqi for the launch of its NFTs and Fan Tokens

NFTs and Fan Tokens will be issued by the cryptocurrency fintech in a movement that involves accessibility, blockchain technology, esports and educational project on finance.

The CEOs of Vivo Keyd, Tiago Shale, and gives liquid, Daniel Coquieri, announced this week a sponsorship and partnership agreement. In addition to investing in the team, Liqi, a digital asset fintech based on blockchain technology, will launch the organization's Fan Tokens and NFTs.

“The partnership is an important step for Liqi. As a gaming and sports enthusiast, I am happy to pioneer and offer the technology to create NFTs and Fan Tokens that will bring fans closer to the teams and games they love”, comments Daniel Coquieri, CEO of fintech Liqi.

The launch of the NFTs should take place in May, in the first half of the one-year contract. Schisto explained that the union of the cryptocurrency world with the esports world is something he already planned to see on the scene. “It's very important for us because of many factors, the two worlds have everything to do with it. Those who follow Vivo Keyd can now keep an eye on social networks, because we will launch a specific page for those who want to compete for exclusive NFTs with few units”, he says.

“I am an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and this market. I really admire Daniel Coquieri [CEO of Liqi] as an entrepreneur for the impact he has had on the crypto market for years. He is Brazilian and I strongly believe in our strength”, comments the CEO of Vivo Keyd.

Regarding sponsorship, Liqi will invest in the organization and its logo is already being stamped on the shirts of players from Vivo Keyd teams, which include the games Free Fire, CS:GO, Valorant, among other modalities.

In addition, the partnership will also bring educational financial content to the public, according to Xisto. “It's one of our goals. We want to educate our audience and introduce Liqi to the world of games”, he concludes.

About Liqi

Liqi is a blockchain digital asset fintech. The startup combines the latest technology with the security of smart contracts to turn businesses into digital fractions, like tokens. In addition, it offers customers a cryptocurrency wallet and a tokenizer for issuing and distributing tokens.

As one of its great differentials, the company presents this investment model to evolve the market and democratize access to the best assets throughout Brazil. Founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs Daniel Coquieri, Persio Flexa and André Montenegro, Liqi recently received a contribution of R$ 27.5 million, led by Kinea Investimentos, Corporate Venture Capital of Itaú Unibanco, in addition to Oliveira Trust and Honey Island Capital.

And with that, it has carried out important institutional and financial sector moves. In one year at the company, it has stood out for making investments more accessible, creating partnerships and launching tokens for big names such as clubs Cruzeiro, Coritiba, in the form of solidarity mechanism; in addition to impact tokens from Raiar and Grupo Gaia and receivables from the developer Nigri, Tecnofit and Pagcartão. And sustainable tokens, such as Bio Token, in partnership with SoluBio.

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