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WandaVision and the technology of the world

WandaVision is the first Phase Four series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is the first to debut in this format on Disney +, bringing transitions in the time of sitcoms to the current world and raises a question to be raised about technology. 

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*** WARNING: The text below contains spoilers! ***

The series

Initially with a totally black and white look, paying homage to the classic sitcoms period like The witch, The Couple 20, Lucy's Show, Wanda Maximoff and your husband Eyesight Newlyweds arrive in Westview, New Jersey, to start a new life.

Soon after other events are shown and the characters evolve from the 50s to the 60s, 70s, 80s to the present day. Several plots take place, including Monica Rambeau and a team of SWORD and FBI agents who are very interested in entering Westview and "rescuing" the people who are there.

In the chronological sequence of the last Marvel film, Avengers: Endgame, Wanda and Visão lose consciousness of how they got to the city or because they were there, but continue to try to lead a normal life by hiding their powers. As time goes by, in the format of sitcoms and TV series, Visão begins to suspect that his wife is hiding something from him and accidentally touches a person who reveals to him that he is trapped in Wanda's mind and the robot begins to notice the attitudes of the other characters.

The SWORD team led by Tyler Hayward proves to be very offensive and with obscure interests that could even teach how to write a great online article about technology, however, the technology explained in the series has a much greater significance.

Multiverse technology

When the drone enters the multiverse, SWORD is actually using the very energy created by Wanda's force field, which has held the entire city of Westview hostage without even being aware of it.

Tyler's true intent lies in aspects related to Vision, as he said "billions of dollars in plutonium" and since Wanda stole his body from the disassembly laboratory, Tyler has a secret mission to recover, using all possible methods, hiring a scientist, sending people inside and outside the force field, all these unsuccessful attempts.

Technology is negatively emphasized in the series, not only by Tyler's actions, but also in the lapses of memory that Wanda has from her childhood, from when Stark Industries destroyed her parents and brother in the war and from her transformation into Scarlet Witch. But also positive for Wanda, since Visão, the love of his life, is a kind of war robot.


Agatha Harkness enough to complete the puzzle of how everything was possible. She explains to Wanda that she is using an ancient and super 'VIP' magic, the Chaos Magic that has already been addressed a few times in the comics and tries to understand how Wanda created that whole universe, the fuse.

Given all these events, the force field created by Wanda was not a technological weapon and she was not arresting people there for wanting to. Everything was the result of his emotions and an elevation of his magic to unimaginable levels, which must continue in the new Marvel films, with the explanations of the many unknowns left at the end.



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