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Start Series News Westworld | Check out the 5 biggest surprises in the season 3 premiere

Westworld | Check out the 5 biggest surprises in the season 3 premiere

Last Sunday, March 15th, the HBO and the HBO GO exhibited the premiere of the third season of Westworld. As promised, the creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy presented a season with a different narrative than the previous ones, but still with the essence of the production.

The first episode of the third season generated great expectations and instigated fans of this original HBO production regarding the development of the story going forward. 

Here are five news presented in its first episode:

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1. New World

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the new year Westworld  has been its ability to reinvent itself. The third season brings new characters with different dilemmas and a story that has taken an interesting turn, delving into the possibilities of evolution through artificial intelligence, its limits and what differentiates humans from machines.

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