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Review: Whiplash

Whiplash- In Search of Perfection (Whiplash) already pleases the original premise, for showing the dedication of an aspiring Jazz drummer. Yes, a drummer! How many of the films that show difficulties or overcoming a musician are focused on the drummer?

The dedicated music student Andrew (Miles Teller) dreams of being a great drummer. For that he needs to stand out and join the band of the strict teacher Terence Fletcher (JKSimmons), which can easily be mistaken for an army general. Fletcher uses harsh methods, even making psychological terror and using physical aggressions, because he believes that he can reveal the student's true talent taking him to the extreme.

Whiplash- In Search of Perfection | Image: Sony Pictures

Over the course of the feature we followed Andrew's effort and dedication trying to be good enough by Fletcher's standards. The great highlight of the script is the construction of the characters, Fletcher manages to leave divided opinions about being right or wrong in his methods. While we think he's being very rough with the students, we can see that it works, leaving the question of whether we should contest or thank Fletcher for awakening the boys' talent.

JKSimons' performance is a separate show. His transition from sarcasm to pure anger is nothing short of divine, the actor leaves no doubt that his Oscar nomination it was more than deserved. Miler Teller does not stand out as much as Simons, but he also pleases acting, showing on the skin his efforts and the suffering of having to choose between having a social life or training, for example. Teller is an actor who has been pleasing a lot lately, each time standing out more and receiving more important roles, he showed that he has talent in representing a character so different from what we are used to seeing in films like Divergent, Remake of Footloose and Dating or Freedom. I believe he will be a recognized star quickly.

The direction of Damien Chazelle deserves a mention of honor. The cuts and close-ups were very well used, even if used in slightly exaggerated scenes, the direction was impeccable. There is nothing better for the quality of a film than knowing when to finish, and Whiplash's final scene makes you want to stand up and applaud the perfect timing in which Damien ended the film.

Even with some minor errors in production, Whiplash it's a motivational story and that's what really matters. Any defect is forgotten when we are fully involved in the script and the wonderful Jazz soundtrack.

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Thunder Wave note
The feature stands out for the performance of JK Simons and the incredible direction of Damien Chazelle, who masterfully reports this drama.


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