Thursday, 1, October, 2020
Start Series News Wrong Man | Starzplay series investigates real cases of prisoners ...

Wrong Man | Starzplay series investigates real cases of prisoners who say they are innocent

Fans of series that uncover real crimes now have one more option to marathon! The platform Starzplay, the streaming premium from STARZ, presents to the Brazilian public the exclusive documentary series Wrong Man, the acclaimed director Joe Berlinger (trilogy Paradise Lost; Brother's Keep), nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2012. 

The first season, available on the platform, is divided into six episodes that feature stories of prisoners jailed for decades, but who claim innocence. Three cases are reinvestigated, with two episodes aimed at each of them, with the help of a group of experts: Ronaldo Kuby, a renowned lawyer specializing in civil rights; former prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson; retired investigator Joe Kennedy and Ira Todd, a member of the elite of the Detroit Homicide Task Force. They team up with local investigators and take us on a journey, searching for new evidence, tracking witnesses, interviewing law enforcement officers - sometimes reluctant - and spending time with the prisoners' family. The main motto of the series, therefore, consists in discovering the truth: were the convictions fair or not? Are prisoners innocent or not?


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