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Xbox Game Pass | Is it really worth subscribing to the platform?

The Xbox Game Pass platform has been growing month by month, but is that enough?

If in the past the big 'concern' of anyone was which console to buy, nowadays it is also the best platform. Playstation has Playstation Plus, Nintendo Nintendo Switch Online, PCs with a little more choices like Steam, GOG, Epic Games and even from Microsoft partners like EA, Ubisoft and Game Pass itself.

And so, the new owners of game consoles or notebooks, whatever it is, are in doubt about what to really buy. And even the already owners of Playstation or Xbox, also have their "feet behind" if it's really worth subscribing to the platform. Not because of the content, but the question always remains: if I stop subscribing, I won't have the game anymore.

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Yes, this is true. But there are other reasons for you to subscribe, notably Xbox Game Pass. In December 2021, I received the cell phone for analysis Samsung S21 Ultra along with the Xbox platform test code. The same came to be made a review of the game Forza Horizon 5 recently released at the time with the Samsung cell phone. Well, the analysis was done and with it some impressions that I now bring about Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass

It is already known that Xbox Game Pass is a subscription program for all those who own an Xbox. Yes, but in case you didn't know, you can also play through your PC or mobile. There are three interesting subscription plans, but if you're like me, who only has a PC to play and your smartphone doesn't support it, don't worry, because Xbox has a subscription only for PC owners.

Xbox Game Pass | Vale a pena realmente assinar a plataforma? 1
Stay tuned for price changes on the official website and the publication date of this article.

As you can see above, the PC and Xbox Console values are practically the same. The difference is for EA Play.

Why is it worth subscribing?

There are several positive reasons. One of them is for sure the vast library of games that Xbox Game Pass has. These are titles that you can play by installing on your machine or just playing through the Clouds, no installation required. I played on the smartphone this way Forza and it didn't have any problems, not even with connection.

Maybe you can even face it, but it will be due to your internet. Through the notebook, it was in a Dell XPS 13, which, in addition, has a touch screen. But it is not the touch note that is interesting, but few people comment that Game Pass has games for this style of play. In addition to being able to play with the keyboard, with the Xbox controller, or any other, there is still the possibility of controlling certain games through the touch of your notebook.

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This is even logical, since if you are going to play on your smartphone, most of the time it will be via putting your “thumb” on the screen and controlling your character, ship, whatever. And back to games, there are more than 100 titles present for every generation to enjoy. Like it or not, hardly anyone will be able to buy all the newly released games, mainly due to their value.

With a monthly subscription of R$ 29.99, you will have an annual spend of R$ 359.88. Just to give you an idea, Far Cry 6 for Xbox costs R$ 202.41 at Amazon. If you also want to buy another recent release like Battlefield 2042, at own Xbox, will pay R$ 299.00. Adding these two games together, you will have a card debt of R$ 501.41. So this is a very compelling reason to subscribe to Game Pass.

In addition, there are also others, such as: will the game really be worth it? Just remember the serious problems that Cyberpunk 2077 had in its release for consoles. Players have been baffled by all the bugs that have only recently been fixed. Of course, most releases don't arrive exactly on the date for the subscription platform and sometimes they take long months and don't arrive.

Anyway, it's a way to be able to test some titles before buying. And in case you didn't like it, you didn't spend any money, other than your time in the game.

Another is because you don't need to buy an Xbox if you don't have the money or if you already have another console and don't want to buy one. Most people already have a PC, notebook, smartphone or all three at home. You may not have any of them with excellent settings to play some high-end titles, but you will definitely still be able to enjoy some of the games that are there. And again, that are not few.

These are the top reasons listed that demonstrate that Xbox Game Pass is worth subscribing. And even then, you can still test the platform for free. All you need is a card or other requested method. And here is another highlight. My trial period ended on December 31st and on January 1st, 2022 my card was already debited.

Get in touch on the 2nd and quickly this was all resolved without any headache and less than 72 hours the money was back. So even in this part Xbox was formidable with their customer rights.

Thunder Wave note
Xbox Game Pass is a great platform aimed at all game fans and not just Xbox owners.

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Xbox Game Pass is a great platform aimed at all game fans and not just Xbox owners.Xbox Game Pass | Is it really worth subscribing to the platform?
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