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Y: The Last Man | All about the series based on the graphic novel

Inspired by the graphic novel of Brian K. Vaughan and pious war, Y: The Last Man tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which a cataclysmic event wipes out all Y-chromosome primates except Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer), a cisgender man and his pet monkey.

With ten episodes, the series follows the survivors of this new world as they struggle with their efforts to restore what was lost and the opportunity to build something better. At the Star+, the series premiered on September 13th with the first three episodes, and will feature a new episode release every Monday.

Y: The Last Man is one of the most anticipated series of the year! Until Stephen King is a fan of the graphic novel that inspired the plot, “The best graphic novel I've ever read!” said the famous writer. For those who are not familiar with the history of comics, we have separated below everything we already know about the production and what to expect from the new production of the FX, available exclusively on Star +.


The series goes from catastrophe to apocalyptic level, also exploring political and philosophical themes, resulting from the cataclysmic event. In addition to the drastic loss of population, governments are also in great disarray and if women do not find a solution, all human beings will die out. However, at the center of the plot is Yorick, the only surviving man, and his monkey Ampersand. Despite having nothing special, Yorick is humanity's last hope for salvation.


Y: The Last Man | Tudo sobre a série baseada na graphic novel 1

Besides Ben Schnetzerwho plays Yorick, the cast features the actress Diane Lane that brings Congresswoman Jennifer Brown to life, Ashley Romans as "Agent 355", Olivia Thirlby like “Hero Brown”, Amber Tamblym like “Kimberly Campbell Cunningham”, Marin Ireland as "Nora Brady", Diana Band as “Dr. Alisson Mann", Elliot Fletcher like “Sam Jordan” and Juliana Canfield like “Beth Deville”.

power girl

Y: The Last Man | Tudo sobre a série baseada na graphic novel 2
Eliza Clark

All episodes of the season are directed by women, and the production also has a strong female team, including directors of photography, production designer, costume designer, casting director, editors, stunt/scene coordinator of action and more.

The series is produced by FX Productions and developed for television by Eliza Clark, who acts as showrunner and executive producer alongside Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, Mari Jo Winkler-Ioffreda, Brian K. Vaughan and pious war. Coleman Herbert is co-executive producer, and Nellie Reed and Anna Beben are producers.

Special effects

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Ampersand, Yorick's capuchin monkey would be played by Katie, the same monkey that gave life to the famous Marcel from the series Friends. However, the production announced that it would use CGI (computer-generated imagery) in the monkey scenes so as not to stress any animals during shooting.


Y: The Last Man | Tudo sobre a série baseada na graphic novel 4

The roadmap for Y: The Last Man it underwent some updates compared to the graphic novel, bringing important discussions about subjects that were not talked about at the time the comics were published, in the 2000s, such as the diversity of genres, for example.

The graphic novel

Y: The Last Man | Tudo sobre a série baseada na graphic novel 5

Y: The Last Man, Y: The Last Man, in Brazil is a comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan and published by Vertigo publisher in sixty issues, about the only man surviving the sudden, spontaneous and simultaneous death of every animal on the planet with a Y chromosome, including humans.

The series was acclaimed by the public and by the specialized critics. The artwork for the series was made by Pia Guerra. Much was said about the fact that Guerra was a woman, but Vaughan insisted that the artist's being a woman had nothing to do with the series' theme. He said her work was simply what best suited what he had in mind for the series.

In Brazil, the first two bounds in the series were published by Opera Graphica. Until the beginning of the first half of 2009, the publishing rights for the series belonged to Pixel Media, which would launch it in Pixel Magazine.

However, since the second half of the same year, the publisher Panini Comics announced that it held full publishing rights to the Vertigo line. Thus, Panini re-released the first bound and completed the entire series in 10 volumes. In 2015 the publisher started to relaunch the series in hardcover.


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