Thursday, 24, September, 2020

Patrick Stewart

Star Trek: Picard | Series brings back the Trekker spirit

The production rescues the origins of the saga and presents the true trekker spirit.

Criticism | The Panthers

Good morning Charlie! Good morning angels!

Star Trek: Picard | CBS releases trailer and new series during SDCC 2019

Moments ago, at San Diego Comic-Con, Sir Patrick Stewart showed Star Trek fans who participated in the Star Trek Universe panel the first Star Trek: Picard trailer.

Review: Logan

E chega ao fim a era do Wolverine nos cinemas. Foram 17 anos de altos e baixos do personagem nas telonas, marcando uma geração...

Logan: X-23 fights enemies in the new trailer

A Fox Film do Brasil divulgou o segundo trailer legendado de Logan. O vídeo explica melhor a X-23 e mostra o poder de...

Logan: The first subtitled trailer for the new Wolverine movie is out!

Nessa madrugada saiu o trailer em baixa qualidade de Logan, último filme do mutante Wolverine. Agora, temos a versão em alta qualidade e legendado. Embalado...

Trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

After a long wait, we finally have the first trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Check out the subtitled trailer: For those who prefer, here's the ...

Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart Back in X- Men

Isso mesmo meus amigos, Ian Mckellen e Patrick Stewart estão de volta em X-Men: Dias de um Futuro Esquecido. X-Men: Dias de um Futuro Esquecido mostrará viagem no tempo, o...

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Review | Love, Simon

With love, Simon is a teenage love story that warms any heart and makes us hope that they stay together and that they can overcome all the conflicts, difficulties and judgments that this new reality reserves for them ... all love is valid.

Volkswagen announces free challenge with Escape 60: winner wins a Nivus!

Disputes start on September 29 and will all be virtual with 12 challenges held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, always at 8pm.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Series to air episode about police brutality in season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air a story about police brutality in season 8. After supposedly getting rid of at least four episodes ...
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