Nice to meet you, we are Thunder Wave!

Created in 2012, by current editor-in-chief Daniela Stocchi, Thunder Wave was born out of a passion for pop culture. Combining his knowledge as a screenwriter and his love for entertainment, the project was started with the idea of delivering differentiated and informative content to the public, going beyond the usual reviews and news, each article tried to show in depth what each work presented. 

Over the years, the site has created new forms, always maintaining the original idea of differentiated content, only adding more and more relevant subjects, such as feminism, sustainability, representation and social causes. Following the creator's personal taste, an area was included entirely for Brazilian audiovisual and script analysis, in addition to a specialization in True Crime, an addiction of hers!

Our motto is to always maintain the socially conscious entertainment. To achieve this, we always try to invest in quality content, an open relationship with our audience and a personalized relationship with each company that is interested in the site.

Over the years, other people have joined the team to share this passion. Check out our full team:


Dany Stocchi
Screenwriter, journalist and lover of writing, I am passionate about many things. Mental Health, Food, Sustainability and related subjects are always among my conversations. On the other hand, terror and everything related to it fascinates me. Come live this ambiguity of tastes with me seeing everything that goes on in that crazy head.
Alan Uemura
Alan Uemura devours everything related to the nerd universe anywhere in time and space! Allons-Y!!!
Taigra Brandão
A journalist graduated from Fiam Faam, she works in the area as a Jr Content Analyst in a company that monitors and analyzes data for companies such as iFood, Accenture, Siemens Group and many others. Additionally, she is a volunteer writer for the entertainment and pop culture website, Thunder Wave.
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