Monday, 21, September, 2020

California Films

Review | An Officer and a Spy

With an impressive setting and characterization, Polanski's new work portrays the Dreyfus Case, which took place in France, in a dynamic and direct way.

Criticism | The Red Spy

The Red Spy is a history and ethics class, showing that judging people for what they have done in the past is very easy when we have all the conclusion and answers in our hands.

Review: The Taxi Driver

The Power of Korean Cinema

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Series to air episode about police brutality in season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air a story about police brutality in season 8. After supposedly getting rid of at least four episodes ...

Passport to Love | New series shows five women traveling abroad in search of love

Inspired by real stories, the new series presents the travels of each of these women and their encounters in countries like Peru, Cambodia, India and Russia.
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