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Hard | Natália Lage tells about her character in the new HBO series

In a video released today by HBO, the actress Natalie Lage, protagonist of the new Brazilian production Hard, talks about her role as Sofia and the character's dilemmas. The comedy premieres on May 17 at 11 pm on the HBO channel and HBO GO. With general direction of Rodrigo Meirelles and performed in co-production with Gullane, the series is an adaptation of the homonymous French comedy.

“The series already begins in the middle of this whirlwind, of this great hurricane”, says the actress, referring to the life of Sofia, who, before stabilized, turns upside down when discovering that she inherited a porn producer from her husband. Natália also talks a little about the character's first meeting with Marcelo (Julio Machado), which she later discovers is the big star of the producer. Watch the video below.

Hard tells the story of Sofia, a dedicated housewife who has just become a widow. Elegant and discreet, she resigned her career as a lawyer to look after her family. After her husband's sudden death, Sofia sees her perfect life fall apart when she finds out that he has lied all his life about the profession and that his inheritance comes in the form of a porn producer. Now, she must adapt to her new life.

The series is produced by Roberto Rios, William Benshimol, Eduardo Zaca, Patricia Carvalho and Rafaella Giannini, from HBO Latin America Originals, and Fabiano Gullane and Caio Gullane, from Gullane, with resources from Condecine - Article 39. The general direction is by Rodrigo Meirelles, and the episodes are directed by Julia Jordão, Diego Martins and Luiza Campos. The script is written by Danilo Gullane, Juliana Rosenthal, Patricia Leme, Mariana Zatz and Laura Villar.


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