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Playing with Fire Brazil | See the Summary of the first episodes of the Brazilian version of Too Hot to Handle

Netflix has released the first episodes of playing with fire Brazil and we've already seen that the Brazilian cast is not kidding! After 24 hours of lots of fun without the presence of the hostess Lana, the guests started to live with the challenge of following the rules of the virtual guide in search of self-knowledge and deep connections. But could they really survive this first moment without making a mistake? Remember what happened at the house in the early days of playing with fire Brazil


Participants made some connections, but not as deep as Lana would like:

  • Thuany kissed Matheus, who stayed with Brenda, who kissed all the girls. 
  • Rita soon kept an eye on Davi, but liked Igor and Leandro better, so she stayed with all three!
  • Leandro had already stayed with Kethellen, but he did sleep with Thuany. 
  • After much discussion, Brenda and Matheus continued to be 'firm' in the instability.
  • Igor gained the reputation of being clingy, confusing Rita, who in turn left Leandro undecided.
  • David, disappointed in Rita, soon left for another. With Kethellen he seems to have found the perfect match – they got the green light on Lana's watch and set an example at the retreat. 
  • Caio arrived in the 4th episode, with the right to date and immediate connection with Thuany. 'Who never cried on the first date, right?' Then Bruna Louise, you are bad.
  • Leandro met Marina and quickly forgot Rita. Will Igor have a second chance with the indecisive carioca?


After landing like a bomb at the retreat, Lana warned that there would be no more space for superficial affectionate relationships and that guests should follow her rules. This yielded iconic phrases, lots of memes and even more crap!

  • "Gone from heaven to hell in two seconds" – the brand new Davi summarized the participants' reaction when they discovered Lana's rules for their stay in the house. 
  • "Don't misalign my chakras" – Gabi vented when Thuany and Matheus fell out after the game of questions and answers between the participants.
  • "I'm the park itself just for you to play (sic) the fire" – Caio was present and gave the message to Thuany, and later had a date and a kiss from the new couple.
  • "Namasteta" – Brenda's definition of herself after the generalized bullshit involving Leandro (“the Lano”), Thuany and Matheus; it was even left for Caio and Marina to calm down in general.


But, not everything is conflict in this house. There is also peace, harmony and reflection. During their stay at the retreat, the participants went through several self-knowledge workshops, recognizing their past mistakes and feeling the necessary pressure for real behavior change.

  • Dan Agra's Tantric Therapy was the talk, with epiphanies and a lot of emotion that took the participants to the most extreme emotions and real and intense connections with their partners. At that moment when Rita gave herself to Leandro, David and Keth started their evolution process and Brenda shook Matheus. 
  • Male identity dynamics with boys, who could put out all the toxic feeling that shaped them in a way that harmed the people around them and themselves. One of the most touching moments of the program!


The tantric, therapeutic and discovery effects did not last long. The third episode, The Real Salseiro, revealed what happened at the most exciting party on the show so far. The protagonists put their foot in the jackfruit: there was a lot of kissing on the mouth, countless kisses, bumps without any clothes in the pool and a lot of physical contact not allowed. 

We show the bill for the night here: 

  • Kiss between Brenda and Rita plus 1 kiss hidden behind the chair
  • Triple seal from Thuany, Rita and Gabi + 1 quadruple with Brenda 
  • 9 naked people in the pool (while Keth watched everything from Professor Lana's front row) 
  • A total of 54 thousand reais in the fun drain! 


Luckily for the participants, the first 24 hours were not counted, otherwise the prize would be in ZERO reais. In the following days, they were R1TP2Q112 thousand invested in a lot of 'love' and little connection demonstrated in 6 very hot kisses, 5 pecks, some caresses and irregular innuendos. With just David and Kethlen in Lana's way and 388,000 reais still at stake, how much money will they make at the end of Playing with Fogo Brasil?  A little detail: Brenda and Matheus won the right to an intimate and private moment in the romantic suite. Will the participants leave due? 

Watch the second part of Playing with Fire Brazil, that opens on the day July 28 only on Netflix! 

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