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Review | Does it work? - Jerry Seinfeld


It is guaranteed that someone reading this title will make a joke. Certainly Jerry Seinfeld he must have thought of this when he put the title of his book, which tells his entire trajectory from stage to television and back to stage. But there's also another reason: Is it any good? is the question every comedian asks before showing his new material to the public.

This is something a lot of people should do! Yes, because Jerry Seinfeld's work is not just an accumulation of jokes that worked out that he placed among the little more than 450 pages of his book released here in Brazil by the publisher Intrinsic.

Is this any good? was the way the author found to show his entire trajectory from his first appearance on the Tonight Show in the 1970s until the 2010s. Seinfeld divides the book in precisely this way, for decades, which helps the reader to understand not only the what happened in the comedian's life, but also the entire society of the time.

It is interesting that the narrative of Is this any good? follows the format of a personal diary, where he puts titles like Count on me, Star Trek, Batman, among others, and makes comments about having gone to check it out and whether it was good or not, in addition to certain events of that day or moment.

Outro aspecto interessante é a forma como ele mostra em palavras como a comédia é crítica. Ao assistir a algum de seus shows, o espectador irá rir da forma como ele conta determinada história ou crítica. Mas ao ler, ela têm uma conotação muito mais forte e pessoal, do que as pessoas podem imaginar. Um destes exemplos é do capítulo do Os Anos 2010, quando ele comenta: “Todos os homens põem tudo em duas categorias: ou é problema meu, ou não é problema meu. (…) Temos duas caixas. E nelas está escrito: Problema. Não é problema.”

Is this any good? é um livro até certamente biográfico, que serve para os fãs conhecerem mais a respeito de Seinfeld, além de pessoas que gostam apenas da arte de contar piadas e – principalmente -, para aqueles que deveriam se perguntar antes de entregar alguma coisa ou falar algo: “Será que isso presta?”

Jerry Seinfeld's book and work definitely do.



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