Wednesday, 28, July, 2021

Panini and MSP launch Xaveco and Denise special

As of May, it arrives at newsstands, Panini publisher, the book Xaveco & Denise - Secondary Favorites. The comic was announced by the publisher after an April Fool's joke, when the social networks of Monica's Gang they said that Xaveco would star in his own comic.

The edition will bring together the best stories ever published by the most beloved supporting characters in the group and will have a 13.4 × 19 cm format, 320 pages and hard cover. Xaveco & Denise is already pre-sold at Panini Shop, by R$44.90. Starting in May, HQ can also be purchased at newsstands, bookstores, specialty stores and through Amazon. 

The HQ

They may be secondary characters, but they are certainly among everyone's favorites! Xaveco and Denise finally have an edition to call their own!


  • Format: 13.4 × 19 cm
  • Structure: 320 color pages
  • Hard cover
  • Price: R$ 44.90


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