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Review | Servant- Season 2

Created by Tony Basgallop and directed by the well-known filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan, Servant is one of the most bizarre and ghastly series today. The 2nd season started in January, with weekly episodes, in the Apple TV +.

In its first season, the series presented the arrival of the young nanny Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) at the couple's home Sean (Toby Kebbell) and Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose). However, the nanny was hired to look after an unusual baby, Jericho, son of the couple, in reality is a realistic doll that replaces the real dead son of the couple. Throughout the events, the plot explains what happened in the past, while presenting the huge mystery hits by the strange and somewhat hideous Leanne.

Attention, contains spoilers for the 1st season to follow.

The first year of the series flirts between realism and the supernatural, leaving ambiguity in the explanations between Leanne's true identity and whether the returning baby is in any way the couple's dead baby or - as Sean and his brother-in-law believe Julian (Rupert Grint) -, a child stolen to replace Jericho.

This second season explains, without losing the suspense tone, these mysteries. Focused on the search for Dorothy for her son, who believes he was kidnapped by Leanne when she left, the 10 episodes of the season delve into the origin of the nanny and her strange sect presented briefly earlier.

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The suspense tone grows in this new year, transforming the work into a dramatic suspense and no longer a mystery. The internal development of the characters also deepens. Dorothy becomes more determined and somber, finally starting to deal with her psychological condition affected by her mistake in creating Jericho, which she had hidden within herself. Sean, on the other hand, goes from the husband who only supported his wife's treatment to a father who deals with his own guilt for what happened and Julian becomes a character who begins to expose his own story, and is no longer just a temporary scene resource.

The plot also eliminates ambiguity, leaving the thread of realism behind and deciding to use the religious issues that border on the supernatural, in the well-known way of Shyamalan. It is an expected decision, since in the first season several events could not be explained only by the psychological, especially those that refer to Sean's health.

Crítica | Servant- 2ª Temporada 1
Servant Cast in Season 2 / Apple

Servant it just grows in this new year, in relation to the plot, which becomes more profound, and the visual, which, possibly due to the difficulties of recording due to the pandemic, undergoes a visible increase in the scenario.

For mystery fans - and Shyamalan's suspenseful tone works - Servant just pleases most by starting to tie the ends together. With an arc designed for 4 seasons and a third already guaranteed by Apple TV, the series promises to maintain quality and only please more over the years.

Thunder Wave note
Starting to explain the mysteries leaving in the 1st season, Servant only grows in quality.


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