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With a fluid plot, The Birds Convention pleases and leaves the familiar desire to discover what will come next.

Review | The Bird Convention- Ransom Riggs

Fifth volume of the saga O Miss Orphanage Peregrine for Peculiar Children, The Bird Convention arrives in Brazil by the editorial board Intrinsic to calm the fans who were anxiously awaiting the next events.

*** Warning: contains spoilers from previous volumes ***

Direct continuation of The Map of Days, from which he started a new cycle for adventures following the outcome of Soul Library, the plot accompanies Jacob after going to the rescue of Noor alone. In this search, he discovers that the girl is part of a prophecy and needs to reconnect with the powerful and enigmatic V. to try to avoid the predicted apocalypse that will destroy everything and everyone.

Ransom Riggs did a great job of giving the saga a completely new path in the previous volume, leaving room to update the plot for the current moment, while presenting new places and times between adventures. In this book, the author focuses on all the action, transforming it into a more dynamic and leaner volume than its predecessor.

Therefore, reading is even more fluid. Without the need to place the plot in the new direction taken, The Bird Convention it presents a fast and constant adventure, without much time for long explanations, giving the reader the same feeling that the situations would cause in the characters.

The political part of the world of the peculiar, which began to be presented in the events of the previous book, is more profound in this story, inserted in the midst of moments of action and giving the opportunity to show the Ymbrynes in their moments of glory, moments that start the events that will serve as the outcome of the saga.

The Bird Convention it leaves the familiar anxiety to discover what will come next, ending at a crucial moment that will certainly leave the reader impatiently waiting for the release of the next volume. Coming close to its end, the saga written by Riggs never seems to lose his hand and always leaves a taste of wanting more in the fans.


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