Review: Tom Strong- At the End of the World



Finishing the main series for Tom Strong, Tone Strong: At the ends of the world is the sixth bound of the character and finally arrives in Brazil through Panini, bringing together editions 31 to 36 of Tom Strong, to deliver the proper outcome.

Composed of short isolated adventures, the comic has its ups and downs, exactly for bringing together several writers in its creation. Originally created by Alan Moore, the series takes advantage of the lack of connections between the stories to put several famous names in its creation - both in the script and in the art.

The adventures do not follow a pattern, leaving the imagination of each screenwriter very loose to enjoy the character in any way they want. There are stories that put Strong in the past to face pirates, while others demand that the character enter into Pneuman  to detect a malfunction and thus, without following logic, the tone of the work is dictated. Some of these stories play with references to the movie classics, often becoming readers' favorites.

The different editions will please or dislike readers according to personal taste, but this does not apply to the edition that closes the book. Being the only one authored by Alan Moore, In the end of the world delivers an interesting and philosophical ending to this saga. Bringing back practically all the characters created by Moore, the plot revolves around an armageddon from which Promethea is responsible. It is worth mentioning that there is an editorial error at that moment, which translates the name of the character to Prometeia, and it has already been published by the publisher with the correct name.

It is not a complex closure, which even leaves Promethea undeveloped for those who do not know their other adventures (and still runs the risk of leaving a beautiful spoiler in the end), but it is worthy. With an air of farewell, the story explains some events from the character's past and leaves the feeling of a well-placed ending.

Regarding the arts, the question is the same as the script. With the change of artist according to the adventures, there is a good difference between the traits that will certainly irritate some readers. Jerry Ordway, who starts the binding and takes on the arts of pirate adventure, does an incredible job. Others, on the other hand, are unable to maintain the layout as well.

Resenha: Tom Strong- Nos Confins do Mundo 1
Jerry Ordway art

Tom Strong: At the ends of the world may not have the best adventures of the character, but it makes up for its outcome. Between ups and downs, the bound redeems the less pleasant parts by giving the series a worthy ending.


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