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Review: Blue is the Warmest Color

Cannes festival winner, Blue is the hottest color (La Vie d'Adèle) is a beautiful love story based on the comicLe Bleu est un Couleur Chaude, 2010, written and designed by Julie Maroh.

The plot features Adele (Adèle Exarchopoulos), a teenager who is discovering her sexuality. After a warm relationship with Thomas (Jérémie Laheurte), ends up falling in love with Emma (Lea Seydoux). The feature portrays how Adéle deals when discovering these feelings, while showing the reaction of acquaintances in relation to this novelty.

Even simple, the feature is full of controversies. To begin with, the obvious: lesbian love. It is to be imagined that in the middle of 2013 people would start to accept differences better but the criticisms attacking the French work prove that the human being still has a lot to evolve.

The always controversial sex also gives something to talk about in the film. The long sex scenes generated a stir in the critics, due to their extension and because they are extremely explicit. Highlight for the scene that shows the relationship between Adéle and Emma, which is very long and explicit, about 6 minutes long. It really is a little embarrassing for the majority of the public. However, this was a thoughtful act, since the scene that shows the sexual relationship with Thomas is much shorter and cooler, while that of women shows much more passion and helps to highlight the difference in the intensity of love.

Azul é a Cor Mais Quente
Blue is the hottest color

At the press conference following the screening of the film, the director Abdellatif Kechiche was asked about the decision to make this long sex scene. His answer is that he really prefers to do longer scenes, not just in the sex scene, but in love scenes, conversations, dinners and parties. In fact, this is something that can be seen very easily in the film, it was not uncommon to see scenes where the family dinner lasted a long time and long conversations. It was also questioned the fact of criticism of the way the sex between the two characters was portrayed, even being called a macho view. In response, the director sambam in the face of society, saying that what the focus of the scenes was their love and not sex, his focus in this film was to show gay love without any social difference.

The production is long, 3 hours long, and there really is a space for the viewer to find it unnecessary to have such extensive scenes, or even the minimalist direction that shows close-ups really uncomfortable. The director defends his style, stating that these close-ups express what could not be said in words.

Blue is the hottest color it's a beautiful production. Full of details, like the blue color always present in all scenes, the feature represents love, with the bonus of showing life and youth in France, with demonstrations and school life there. In fact, he was asking the actors if youth really is participatory like that and the answer was yes, "everything is a reason to go to the street to protest and, even, many people end up protesting just to miss class," said Exarchopoulos.

See below the photos of the conference with the actors and director.

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A beautiful love story, very well portrayed in an artistic film.


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